Sunday 21 October 2012

In transitional times, how should we behave?


Assuming this is a transitional time, how should that affect the way we behave, the choices we make?

Plenty of people are advocating that we respond to these times by systematic and deliberate expediency; since they put-out that anyone who is not an uncool, lame loser and victim can and should live in as short-termist, selfish and exploitative way as they can force themselves to do...


Rather than trying to predict or influence the future in times of chaos and uncertainty, we should be firmer than ever in our resolve to do the right thing in everything – no matter how apparently small.


Because everything matters and nothing is truly small. The end is united with the means by which it is sought. We cannot get to Heaven via hellish choices. 


Consequences may amplify and ramify; such that it may be some tiny, apparently trivial, almost unnoticed and unrecorded act of good-will by one of us that tips the balance of great things, one way or the other.

(The Lord of the Rings explains, with multiple examples, how this works.)


Thus, it is never too late.

Or rather, it may be too late; but we can never know it is too late.


Evil always tells-us to give-up because it is too late to start now - the end is inevitable and pre-determined - but of course evil says this precsiely because it is not too late, and evil want us not to to try and prevent the evil that is under way.

We must therefore always assume that it not too late for repentance and attempted restitution.


There is much that we do not know or understand.

This choice - here, here, now, today - may be crucial.



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Samson J. said...

The Lord of the Rings explains, with multiple examples, how this works.

Thus it bothers me when people dismiss LOTR as "childish".

I will never forget - I say this, I think, without hint of pride, but simply with awe - finding out that someone I used to work with became a Christian largely through my influence - even though I had not had any especially "spiritual" conversations with him. Our small actions do matter.