Wednesday 3 October 2012

More Thos Tomkins


Woe is me by Thomas Tomkins sung by I Fagiolini


There are some composers whose music, in some way, fills me with that yearning which C.S Lewis characterized as Joy. An example is Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656).

Tomkins is not recognized as being among the Great Composers, this is probably not even a Great Piece of Music, and indeed I am not widely knowledgeable about TT's work.

I just recognize about some of the harmonic shifts here, a quality that is for me both like coming home and like glimpsing Heaven.


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agraves said...

BC, thanks for the Thomas Tomkins reference. I watched some on you tube and he is now one of my favorites. I add him to my list of profound music with Albinoni and Samuel Barber. Michael