Tuesday 9 October 2012

We have to live here and now. But...


In Sodom and Gomorrah - not Constantinople. Yes we do.

Restoration of a Christian society is not a political act. A Christian society first requires Christian people.

Modern Westerners are so secularized that that cannot even understand natural paganism, are confused even about spontaneous Natural Law. Cannot even see what they are looking at.

Modern people cannot sustain a Christian society, could not form a Christian government (even if they wanted to, which they do not).

But... we need to know about the great Saints and Holy people of the past, and about historical devout Christian societies in order to orientate ourselves.

The point to aim at is be remote and unattainable, but having it as a goal does take us in the right direction.

Aiming at anything near-to which is attainable - we will surely go astray.

So where we aim and where we expect to arrive, are two very, very different things.



Bruce Charlton said...

@T - "one who is desirous of being a Christian is one who will attempt to orient himself towards objective Supremacy."

I'm not clear what you mean by supremacy. Obviously in a spiritual sense the Christian is required to be humble; but I think you may be agreeing that a Christian should want to see their society run on Christian lines rather than on anti-Christian lines, as at present. And not to rule this out as many Christians currently do.

But this doesn't have any necessary link with race; since Christians are of many races, even within one country. Racial arrangements - although important, and although present arrangements and trends are clearly evilly-motivated - are thus contingent according to circumstances, and subordinate to Christian considerations, at a lower level and not to be conflated with considerations of salvation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Thordaddy - I have read your comments, but don't want to be deflected onto that subject which I have already discussed in several postings; I am convinced that in relation to nationalism in any of its variants, Christianity must come first. Therefore a 'great awakening' of faith must precede any beneficial major change in political direction; or else the change will be wrongly motivated, and therefore will lead to disaster (merely a different kind of disaster than the one toward which we are currently heading).