Monday 19 August 2013

Shamans and creativity



The Crow said...

Well, that was a good read. Interesting and broadly accurate, apart from the subject of innate intelligence.
I can not speak for all, or even any shaman, only for myself...
If your description of what a shaman is, is anything to go by, then I am certainly a shaman. But one possessed of off-the-scale intellect. This is somewhat of a hindrance, or was, to the business of being a shaman, but it is an intelligence of a sort shared by few, or even none.

Crows are said to be intelligent, but certainly they are not, in direct comparison to humans. What is observed to be intelligence, in crows, is something far-removed from the usual reference to what intelligence is.

A shaman has this animalistic intellect. Or something very similar. If he did not, he would not - and could not - be a shaman.

Gottlieb said...

Humans love the novelty and that's why love creativity. Often, because most of them are not able to innovate something so creative people end up being worshiped by their works.
how could you tell me the exclusionary relationship between mental disorders and intelligence (IQ)?
A Swedish research with a million people found a strong relationship between mental disorders and creative professions. It seems that the close relatives of patients with bipolar disorder (as well as the patients themselves) are more common in scientific careers while schizophrenics are more common in artistic careers.

dearieme said...

Wot abaht the Druids, and especially Merlin? Eh, eh?