Monday 5 August 2013

What should we do about 'X'?


When I blog about the large and growing problems of the modern world, describing and analyzing phenomena - commenters will sometimes ask what we should actually do about it?

There are only two answers answer to all these queries, which is really one answer:

Be a better Christian, and practice Christian evangelism to make more Christians.

The problems I write about are all a consequence of apostasy - of our culture not just abandoning Christianity, but turning against Christianity.

Unless the apostasy of the West is reversed, then nothing but nothing constructive can be achieved, and any cure will turn out to be worse than the disease.

A Christian revival - in each of us, and in our society - is necessary to anything and everything culturally significant we might want to achieve.

Absolutely necessary; but of course not sufficient.

Whether a Christian revival is probable or possible is entirely beside the point and irrelevant to action - because it is the only thing which could work.  



Donald said...

Sometimes your posts with no comments are the best ones - nothing to disagree with!

Samson J. said...

^ I agree. :)

Wm Jas said...

I must disagree, Donald. The best posts always have comments, like this one does.

Samson J. said...

Excuse me, is this the argument clinic?