Monday, 19 August 2013

The Three Greatest Pirate Captains


1. Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan

The greatest ever voice acting (by Hans Conried)  in the best of all Disney cartoons - this choice is a no brainer.


2. Captain Pugwash

Throatily voiced by the late great Peter Hawkins in the most crudely-animated cartoons ever to grace the BBC.

Pugwash was kindly, but with a tough streak especially in dealing with his arch enemy Cut-Throat Jake.

Excellent five minutes plots, wholesome and funny, great theme tune - what's not to like?


3. Captain Feathersword

Coarse actor Paul Paddick makes the big time with The Wiggles.

A controversial choice, I realize - but I was always grateful when his unrestrained hamming enlivened what were often turgid episodes watched with my kids in pre-school days.

The following sketch was the very first time that my daughter and her cousin cried uncontrollably with laughter -


The Continental Op said...

Exposing us to the Wiggles is a hanging offence, you scurvy dog!

Bruce Charlton said...

@COp - But is Feathersword truly A Wiggle? - that is the question.

Sure, he hangs-out with them when back on shore - but that is mostly a matter of eating their food and singing their songs - which are the kind of things he enjoys doing anyway.

JP said...

It is interesting that pirates are so romanticized when they were essentially state-sponsored terrorists.

But no mention of the great Rafael Sabatini? Captain Blood? The Sea Hawk?

Bruce Charlton said...

@JP - But, but but...