Monday 19 August 2013

The Three Greatest Pirate Captains


1. Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan

The greatest ever voice acting (by Hans Conried)  in the best of all Disney cartoons - this choice is a no brainer.


2. Captain Pugwash

Throatily voiced by the late great Peter Hawkins in the most crudely-animated cartoons ever to grace the BBC.

Pugwash was kindly, but with a tough streak especially in dealing with his arch enemy Cut-Throat Jake.

Excellent five minutes plots, wholesome and funny, great theme tune - what's not to like?


3. Captain Feathersword

Coarse actor Paul Paddick makes the big time with The Wiggles.

A controversial choice, I realize - but I was always grateful when his unrestrained hamming enlivened what were often turgid episodes watched with my kids in pre-school days.

The following sketch was the very first time that my daughter and her cousin cried uncontrollably with laughter -


The Continental Op said...

Exposing us to the Wiggles is a hanging offence, you scurvy dog!

Bruce Charlton said...

@COp - But is Feathersword truly A Wiggle? - that is the question.

Sure, he hangs-out with them when back on shore - but that is mostly a matter of eating their food and singing their songs - which are the kind of things he enjoys doing anyway.

JP said...

It is interesting that pirates are so romanticized when they were essentially state-sponsored terrorists.

But no mention of the great Rafael Sabatini? Captain Blood? The Sea Hawk?

Bruce Charlton said...

@JP - But, but but...