Sunday 22 December 2013

Secular Reaction equals Fascism... but minus (Nationalism & Militarism)


The positive doctrines of modern secular Reaction are:

1. Dictatorship (ie. anti-democracy)

2. Strict formal hierarchy (i.e. anti-egalitarian)

3. Male domination of the public arena (i.e. anti-feminism)


Why is this different from 1920s/30s fascism?

It isn't - except that fascism was powerfully motivated by Nationalism and had a power base in the Military.

By contrast, modern Reaction is operating in world where Nationalism is extremely weak and the movement has no apparent support from the Military.


Therefore, modern secular Reaction is just weak fascism; or fascism minus the ability to take power.


Note: I use fascism here in a descriptive way. I don't regard fascism as the worst of all possible political systems - because that would be communism. However, I do regard fascism as a bad political system - mostly because it as fundamentally secular in nature; hence ultimately Leftist. 


Bruce Charlton said...

Note to Augustine Carlyle III - You seem to have misread my post completely (as if I was *advocating* Neo-Reaction!), and to assume my own views are the opposite of what they actually are (as if I was *advocating* secularism!).

SMERSH said...

Well, Fascism isn't great, but at least it would allow our people to keep existing.

We can't reform our societies if we no longer exist as a people and some other group is living where we used to live.

And that's where liberalism is heading.

SFG said...

It's sort of a return of the repressed, I guess, if you want to give Freud any credit (and I usually don't--his theories are junk and his therapy ineffective). Fascism is the most hated ideology (notice Hitler is our go-to devil rather than Stalin, though this is beginning to change), so people wanting to rebel get attracted to it. It's like heavy metal singers in the eighties pretending to be Satanists--I don't know how many of them actually went to Black Mass, etc., but it terrified parents and hence sold records.