Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A message to neo-reactionaries - *please* stop wasting your time and repent and convert


As a society, as individual people, we don't need more analysis; we don't need another systematic political framework.

Our deficit is not in understanding, but in motivation. We need repentance, renewal and a fresh start. This can only come from without, not within (because what is within is the problem).

Become Christian, say that you are Christian - say it to yourself, then to others.

Leave aside further questions (like which church, or whether any church at all) until after you are self-acknowledged a Christian. Things will be different, things will happen, after you are a Christian - but only after.

Say it: do it. It is absolutely necessary.



Formerlibertarianhedonicatheist said...

I've been a christian for almost two years,but I'm afraid telling others will make me an outcast.

Ben said...

Very timely and very direct.

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of a Christian- no kind of orthodox one- and I spend some time trying to explain to pagan and atheist nationalists that official Christianity is not real Christianity, but that is very hard to do.

Christianity is so co-opted by the system that any church with a building is almost certainly subverted. The best thing I think I can say is read the Gospel of Mark- written for non-Jews- and decide for yourself.

Bruce Charlton said...

@dl - If you can say that, then you have crossed the line, and I am not worried about *you*...!

If others can say what you have just said then that will suffice - it is a first step, just a first step - but probably in itself sufficient (if it can be held-to).