Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Zombie sighting


Yesterday I was walking along an ordinary residential street in town in the deepening dusk, not fully alert, lost in reverie; when I was shocked to see something I could barely believe - a 'person' walking towards me with a face that was light green and glowing. The undead. A zombie.

Horrified, I looked again, the face was glowing with the kind of light emitted by putrefying vegetation, its eyes were glassy and seemed illumined from within. The gait was shambling.

The figure came closer; I looked again, more intently; and saw it was a pudgy-faced girl staring at a mobile phone display, the phone having its back to me. 

So I was right first time: it was an undead zombie.


1 comment:

The Crow said...

See? Zombies aren't nearly as scary as people usually think. You're not scared of them now, are you, after discovering how clueless they are?
Easy to escape from them, too, should the need arise.
I blame the phone companies.