Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jesus heals a man born blind


Another marvellous New Testament video segment from the web pages. This one is distinguished for me by the scenes in which the man's sight is restored - compelling visual acting and directing/ editing.

As so often with these pieces, I find a sudden appreciation of the impact of Jesus on his contemporaries.

Also, I marvel yet again at the Gospel of St John - and its amazing eye-witness verisimilitude. I would find it hard to take seriously anybody who asserted that this Gospel was not written by the Apostle. Such a person would need a tin ear for the nature of writing, as well as an axe to grind.  



Nancy said...

I also just watched that particular video, then came to your blog and saw that you had recently seen it. I am drawn like to a magnet, to the depictions of the Savior's interactions with his disciples and others around him. As a fellow traveler on the journey toward faith and reconciliation with God, I very much appreciate your thoughts.

Mike A. said...

There is much to be learned from the courage this man had to hold his ground and testify of the miracle he had just received. He would not be bullied or shamed into to denying his witness of what happened. The world, like the Pharisees of old, will ascribe the miracles of the Gospel to the forces of evil and try to intimidate or shame us into denying what we know to be true. May all of us who claim to follow Christ have the same courage and conviction as this man.

Thank you for the link, Bruce. I've seen this video many times, and I get emotional each time I do. God bless.

George said...

I like the dual meaning of the parable the video makes evident - the religious leaders were blind to the truth because they claimed they could always see!

The Jesus actor's portrayal reminds me of the LOTR movie's Aragorn (the way the actor looks and speaks).