Sunday 19 October 2014

I like to eat dust - do you?


It seems to be unusual - unique in my family - but I like to eat the dust at the bottom of packets.

The original was Oofle Dust, as we called it, which was the crisp frosting remnants at the bottom of Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal (made from glazed oats, and recently re-named) - this, I regarded as a magical substance (the name because Oofle Dust was the magic substance deployed by Sooty the Bear - above).

I also like any other breakfast cereal dust - including even All Bran - although the rest of the family throw this away - sometimes even sieving it out from the bigger particles - rather than having it 'spoil' their breakfast.

Also I like the little 'niblets', those spiky blobbages (structurally, the radicle) which come-out when salted peanuts are split. Although they taste slightly bitter, I tend to feel that are a kind of concentrated essence of goodness - but I have noticed that most people leave them untouched at the bottom of the dish.

Seems I like to eat my peck of dust.



Karl said...

For dust thou art; and unto dust shalt thou return.

Adam G. said...

Ah, yes. We are fond of the "crumblies" at the bottom of a bag of tortilla chips.