Sunday 5 October 2014

Just so long as we do eventually grow-up, God is in no hurry for us to grow-up

God loves children, as do all good Fathers - and so he loves as as we are.

He is in no great rush for us to grow-up to become a divine friend and companion - just so long as we eventually do (or, at least, some of us eventually do. I expect it would always be good to have children around the place; so long as they are real, children: children by their natures).

So we need not be in any great rush to grow-up either - certainly not to 'force the pace'; and not at the cost of rushing through and failing to appreciate each step and stage.

Equally there is no virtue to not growing up, in trying possessively to cling-onto what is (in general) meant to be transitional.

We ought to take the next step when we are ready to take it: take the next step then, and not before then - and we will (if we humbly discern) know when.


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