Saturday 31 January 2015

New name for this blog - Bruce Charlton's Notions

I've been wanting to change the name of this blog for a while, because most people don't know what a miscellany is; but especially since Adam Greenwood (of the Junior Ganymede blog) came up with this Notions suggestion that links this blog to my Tolkien blog (The Notion Club Papers) - and has been (unilaterally) using his suggested name to link this blog for some time.

Anyway, now that this 'blog' is becoming even less blog-like, by stopping comments (recognizing a de facto state of affairs by which commenting has been dwindling for considerably more than a year - but the amount of work/ angst in moderating has not diminished), I thought that the time had come, and I might as well make the change - which will at least please me...

I should thank Dennis Mangan for giving me the 'miscellany' name idea (I mean, I stole it from his Mangan's Miscellany blog without asking) which served this blog well through its heyday and beyond.