Wednesday 7 January 2015

When will come the end of the world? An encouraging thought...

Since we are in the 'End Times' or 'Latter Days', then it is interesting to speculate when the end will come.

The Bible is clear that the time and date are not to be known in advance (even to Jesus Christ) - but what might be the principle that determines when God brings this world to an end?

The End Times (presumably) refers to dwindling of the Christian religion, in relation to Mankind as a whole - after a period of many centuries when there was growth.

The concept of End Times can therefore (perhaps) be translated into saying that the trend is established that number of souls being saved is getting fewer and fewer.


My speculation is that the end will come when, due to apostasy and corruption, more souls are being lost than are being saved.

This would seem to be the time to 'end the experiment' of this world; because once this point is passed, then the longer the end is delayed, the more souls will be lost.

But - no matter how bad are the conditions on earth; up until this point where losses begin to exceed gains, it is always better to delay the end - because on balance souls are being saved.


This (presumably) means that so long as the world has not ended - such as now, at this time of writing - the world is Good overall, or Net Good; and that although fewer souls are saved than in the past, more souls are still being saved than lost.

(Presumably due to Christianity being vibrant in places life China, Africa and South America - rather than in The West, Middle East, Asia Minor and South Asia: gains in C, A, & SA currently more-than-offsetting losses in other places.)

Which is, I think, an encouraging thought! - Overall.


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