Saturday 31 January 2015

Why are secular people so reluctant to recognise evil? (Such as the concept of 'diversity')

By 'evil' I mean that a person, or group, is motivated by wanting to destroy good.

That this is a significant factor among the modern ruling elite is something that few will even contemplate. ("Conspiracy theory!") Instead, the motivation is nearly always ascribed to some combination of economic selfishness and short-termism - and almost any decision can be understood as selfishly benefiting the decider, if enough factors are considered.

So many of the critics of Leftism and Political Correctness in fact use a quasi-Marxist analysis of the modern elites - that is, they have a built-in assumption that the rulers are motivated by their own mostly-economic self-interest.

The idea on the Right is that the ruling elites are strategically and systematically (i.e. prioritizing one social system and institution after another) destroying The West from reasons of economic selfishness.

(Note:I totally agree that the mega-rich elites are destroying The West; but I totally disagree that the reason is economic selfishness. They are using their vast wealth primarily as a means to the end of destruction - not using their wealth as a means to make more wealth.)

But this quasi-Marxist analysis is an absurd form of self-blinding! When we see a consistent, long term pattern of destruction it is surely natural to assume that this destruction is intended!

And when it is recognized that the ruling elites are capable of creating and holding-to self-serving strategic, long-term, economic policies - why is it not also recognized that these same people cannot see that these same policies will also destroy that same elite's long-term self-interests?

(Why would an economically motivated strategic elite want utterly to destroy the very basis of that economic functionality upon which their economic position depends? Yet they are aggressively and incrementally destroying the very basis of their own prosperity - in multiple obvious ways. Thus they are not primarily motivated by economic self interest.)

And when we see all the very obvious destructive faults of previous elite policies not only denied but redoubled; surely it is reasonable to assume that these destructive faults are not being regarded as errors by those who make them; but that the destructive outcomes are simply the intended results of destructive policies!

Thus the recent expansion of already-destructive negative policies of policies anti-racism and anti-sexism and the sexual revolution into the hyper-destructive positive goal of diversity.

Surely there is nobody who is in a position to affect real world decisions that really believes that a policy to 'create diversity' is anything other than a policy aimed at comprehensive societal destruction? - surely this is obvious at every level? The idea of diversity being 'a good thing' doesn't even make superficial sense!

("Err, how shall we improve this government/ laboratory/ corporation/ university/ hospital? I know! Let's appoint women/ low status ethnic minorities/ people of unconventional sexual preferences to all the important positions! Let's stop even trying to do the job, and instead start trying to be 'diverse'! Yes, that'll fix everything, for sure...")

'Diversity' is probably the most absurdly and transparent false idea ever to have had significant influence among the powers of the world. Even to debate such a ridiculous notion is to accord it plausibility.

As a momentary fashion or fad, I suppose diversity would have been no sillier than many other crazes - such as pet rocks, or deely-boppers - but now diversity is being incrementally ratcheted-into all significant Western nations and institutions by the ultra-rich, by governments and the mass media. If you have eyes to see, we are seeing evil in action in the open field.

We are seeing long-term, strategically-directed and deliberate destruction of good: that is, destruction of truth, beauty and virtue. This is obviously what will happen when wicked nonsense is enforced as the highest good.

Why is this evil of imposing 'diversity' not recognized for the evil it is? I can only assume the answer is that secular people operating in a secularized public domain cannot recognize or acknowledge the reality true evil - therefore they necessarily fail to see evil, and must explain-it-away with soothing quasi-Marxist economic explanations.

For secular people self-interest is the true and only bottom line of all possible morality - so naturally they cannot perceive anything else.

The secular Right objection to the politically correct elites is merely that we have the wrong bunch of short-termist  and selfish people in charge. The secular Right think that they could implement a system of markets and laws which will transform selfish short-termism into something that looks-like altruistic long-termism - regardless of the personnel who comprise the system.

The secular Right believe(to quote TS Eliot) they can make a system so perfect that Men will not need to be Good. In other words, the secular Right are fundamentally - at the deepest level - identical with the Left (which is why they always, always, always sell-out to the mainstream Left when they get a sniff of power).

Meanwhile deliberate, strategically-destructive evil continues to operate openly (or rather, under the flimsiest and most transparent of pseudo-rationalizations): being rendered invisible in plain sight by re-labelling its evil as merely economic self-interest; and thereby philosophically sustained by many of those who imagine themselves to be opposing it.