Sunday 20 December 2015

Christ and Healing

It is striking how often Christ is shown healing, and how often Christianity is associated with actual medical-type healing.

Presumably this is more than a metaphor of re-birth. I think we are probably intended to regard every healing in a spiritual sense - in particular every time we ourselves are healed, then we ought to regard this as a rebirth - a miniature version of salvation.

This is easy to forget or to misattribute by a reductionist physical framework. When delivered from an agonising headache we are more likely to give thanks to aspirin, a physician or a pharmacist than to God.

But that deliverance, that healing, is supposed to be a fresh start. We are born again every time we are healed - if only we can see it that way.

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Nathaniel said...

Thanks Bruce, I've often wondered about this myself. I like your explanation. I think all Christ's miracles are literal and spiritual, though perhaps in the casting out of demons it is one and the same.