Monday 7 December 2015

White Guilt - its nature and significance

There is a phenomenon that is very real, very strong, very resistant to fact - and yet very easily manipulated... that is sometimes called White Guilt in the US, or Liberal Guilt, or in the UK was more likely to be associated with being Upper Class, English and Socialist - but White Guilt is not a bad name, since it is essentially a matter of the guilt of The West: of the European peoples and their diaspora.

Is White Guilt justified? Well, obviously not in the way that the New Left - the Left of political correctness and diversity - say that it is justified - since that view is uninformed, dishonest, incoherent and actively evil.

But White Guilt is indeed justified in terms of the failure of Western Civilisation - when that failure is seen in terms of apostasy: in terms, that is, of abandonment of Christianity, and the adoption of secular, materialistic, and hedonistic goals (especially the sexual revolution, which puts subverted/ inverted sex and sexuality at the heart of the human condition).

In sum, White Guilt is caused by Leftism (that is, historically, anti-Christian, anti-religious anti-metaphysical in its origin and basis); which is consistent with the obvious fact that Leftists are most susceptible to White Guilt, and as societies have become more Leftist, they have become overwhelmed by White Guilt: have become paralysed, filled with self-hatred and a semi-covert wish for personal and cultural death.

So specific White Guilt is merely a specific instance of the general, legitimate and proper shame of those who have abandoned the proper and necessary centrality of Christianity to the West and who support further abandonment - and who implicitly (but against their explicit will) recognize that without a Christian rationale - more generally without a central religious basis - The West is necessarily an evil civilisation. 

White Guilt is not a problem, and was not a problem, among those whose civilisational goals are most deeply and genuinely rooted in Christianity.

Although; deep and rooted Christians will acknowledge that The West, as it now is and increasingly is becoming, does not deserve to survive and will not survive; such people demand repentance, and know that repentance is necessary, as the pre-requisite of continuation of The West: but this is not a matter of guilt, but a tragic matter of fact.


John Rockwell said...

Or in other religions for that matter. Including Pagan Gods. However Christianity does not leave those who apostatize an option to return to earlier Paganism

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jw - Okay, but either way I don't really see anybody in The West 'reverting' to become a genuine pagan nowadays: Neo-pagans don't really count, since their behaviours are revelatory of *non*-literal belief in the old gods (e.g. no animal sacrifices, no terror of gods who must be propitiated etc).