Thursday 3 December 2015

The end and death of politics and current affairs

Considering the considerable volume of sociopolitical punditry that I have emitted from my gob and pen over the years; maybe this is the resolution to go cold turkey by a hopeless junkie - but I have had enough of pointlessly pointing out the obvious; and now feel inclined simply to shut-up and suffer in silence (rather than rage-raging against the dying of the light).

The loop of spiritual rejection and consequence is well set as far as I can see in all directions; and there seems a general satisfaction at the prospect before us.

Of course there is some half-hearted denial of where self-hatred and nihilism will lead - but I intuit the intent of mass suicide (plus, maybe some mass humane killing) as a way to 'escape' the inevitable consequences of hedonic secular Leftism.

I intuit in the hearts of many, many Men a secret plan to die just as things begin to fall apart, and before personal suffering gets too bad - and with the smug assurance of having done the right thing.

This frame of mind lies far beyond reach of soi disant clever punditry, beyond reach of any conceivable earthly campaign. I am convinced that it is a snare, and counter productive, to engage.

The greatest act of faith is actually to have faith  - faith that right thoughts and attitudes and personal actions will be of the greatest possible value (given that all possibilities are contingent upon a multitude of autonomous individual choices). 


John Fitzgerald said...

You're a prophetic voice, Bruce. What you say here is chilling but true. There's a distinct whiff of death abroad in culture and society at the moment - a will-to-death, if you like - subtle and (as yet) invisible, but poisonous like a toxic gas. I've felt it's pressure - physically and spiritually. People close to me have felt it. It has to be Satanic in origin.

On a more specific level, I've been struck by one or two comments you've made re young men (hipsters) sporting big beards. I think that future historians might look back on this 'peak beard' era as a kind of prelude or presentiment of a period of mass, forced conversions which (unless we get to grips with IS) could occur sometime in the future. It's that same unconscious yearning for surrender.

And it's probably at that precise moment that the 'right-thinking' people you refer to will decide to call it a day en masse, blaming and deriding those who choose to live on and continue to fight for civilisation.

But we have to live on. We have to engage It's a dreadful weight, but we must never abandon the field to the enemy. I don't think quietism is your vocation, Bruce, especially considering your ability to 'see behind the headlines' and discern the contours of the future in the pell-mell of the present.

We should take King Tirian of Nania as our exemplar - a fugitive in his own country who fought to the end even when there was no Narnia left and Aslan had apparently gone rogue. Maybe a few of us should band together and start a journal maybe, dedicated to the good, the beautiful and he true, hoping and trusting that God will reward our work and witness and bring fruit from it in the same way Aslan turned things around for Tiirian and his tiny band.

A quote from said book - The Last Battle - might be in order to conclude -

'I almost wish - no I don't, though, said Jill.
'What were you going to say?'
'That I wished we'd never come. But I don't, I don't, I don't. Even if we are killed. I'd rather be killed fighting for Narnia than grow old and stupid at home and perhaps go about in a bath-chair and then die in the end just the same.'

Observing said...

Everything unfolding lately, especially for Europea, is the clearest sign of evil Powers and the consequences of walking away from God I've ever seen in my life.

What must end must end. I cannot imagine no rebirth. That is enough for now.

stephens said...

I have similar feelings at present. Being early retired, mandatory 'diversity' training and all that nonsense is all but a memory. I have very little interface with officialdom. I just do not want to interface with that madness, it is just 'madness.'
Control negative media intrusion via PVR and selective watching/listening.
Avoid the cities/shops and their intrusive antithesis of the Christmas spirit.
Head out into the rural areas with their pretty scenes, ancient Churches and more social/family oriented (little welfare support and better for it, in some ways) tones. Luckily most of our land mass is still thus and great for a refreshing days contrast to the more urban places I have to frequent in my day to day activities.
And last, but not least, I must make a point of enjoying more time with family (not being distracted or taking them for granted) and making an effort to ensure I celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.
In some ways I think I am, primarily, responsible for myself and my near surroundings and must focus on that. The rest is just to big to fully comprehend or deal with in any meaningful way and I don't want to get swamped!
The enemy wants me swamped and miserable, the above makes me happy, refreshed and puts me in a better spiritual place.
It's a different world but it's the one I am going to focus on and enjoy.