Wednesday 2 December 2015

Non-perceptual communication

If we assume that there are forms of communication that are not via the senses; then a whole world of possibilities are glimpsed.

If we communicate only via the senses, then the mass media apparently has the human world in its evil grip; and since 'everybody' is addicted to the mass media and has their thought structured metaphysically by the mass media (i.e. their thought-structure made like unto the mass media's conceptual-structure: the medium being the message) -- then there seems to be no hope of you or I doing anything significantly constructive (a teardrop in a torrent).

But if there are assumed forms of communication which run from mind to mind direct by some undiscovered and unmeasurable medium - by empathic or morphic resonance perhaps, or whatever putative mechanism it might be - then here is potential for good (of various types) to spread from mind to mind. And exclusion by the mass media does not exclude the dissemination of good.

Much depends on the power of this imperceptible yet unstoppable communication - it is possible that it has long been the primary force of cohesion.

If one problem that besets us is a wrong metaphysics - the metaphysics of nihilism - then there is scope for people to become aware of the possibility of better things if only they can be thought.

(Which is why despair is to be shunned.)

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your blog. I just ran across an interesting abstract of a paper written about co-production of "climate change" propaganda (my word) that reminded me of your "Addicted to Distraction" (which I thoroughly enjoyed). The paper is titled "Networks of Coproduction: How Journalists and Environmental NGOs Create Common Interpretations of the UN Climate Change Conferences"

Julia Lück1⇑
Antal Wozniak1
Hartmut Wessler1
1University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany

The paper apparently has alow rating among PolySci majors, so it might be of value. LOL! Highest Regards, Jack Walters