Wednesday 25 May 2016

The world of creation experienced as alive, conscious, purposive - so that Christ may likewise be experienced

1. It is not that everything should be categorized as alive, conscious, purposive; but that everything is experienced as such.

 2. Not only that - but the experience must be consciously regarded as reality.

3. Not only that - but the different qualities and degrees of aliveness etc. should be experienced in relation to specific things (e.g. Stones as more alive than concrete, some stones as living a tormented life while others are radiantly happy etc.)

4. Not only that - but the experience must be explicit and conscious (not only a thing of children, the naïve and simpleminded; not only a thing of trances or altered conscious states - but happening in clearness, awakeness, awareness, adulthood and in people of high intelligence and education).

But why?

So that by experiencing the aliveness of creation we may experience the aliveness of Christ. (Christ without this awareness is merely something material, historical, read about; or the facts of tradition, authority structures, rules and regulations.)

The state aimed-at is Christ as perceptible as a living presence which is only sustainable and serious if all the wealth of Creation is a living presence.

Or, to put it the other way about; The suppression of our natural experience of reality as alive, conscious and purposive also (and inevitably) suppresses our ability to experience the living Christ. (And this is no accident, but part of the plan of evil.) And since this has-been suppressed in adult Westerners - we should go forward in our mode of thinking to the (more mature, more intelligent, and more divine) self-aware and fully-real experience of Creation and Christ as being-alive.


Nancy said...

This post really resonated with me. Do you have any concrete suggestions for how to foster this type of awareness in everyday life?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nancy - You could look through these