Tuesday 17 May 2016

Valid philosophy needs a loving, personal, creator God motivated to raise Man towards divinity

1. Philosophy alone is inconclusive (as may be seen from the history of philosophy sans theology).

2. Philosophy can and should be based upon fundamental (preferably intuitive) assumptions.

3. But the validity of these assumptions - and the relative ranking among them - relies upon divine revelation. (Nothing else will suffice.)

4. The validity of divine revelation depends upon the divinity being creator; it is because divinity is the creator that the divinity has knowledge. 

5. Divine revelation to a Man implies a personal God; who has a personal relationship with that Man (why else would divinity communicate with Man?).

6. That divine revelation is true depends on the love of God towards Man. (A hostile divinity would not reliably communicate truth.)

7. That divine revelation happens, implies that God wants Man to ascend from his current situation, and to attain divine knowledge.

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