Wednesday 29 March 2017

Be prepared to entertain the *possibility* that...

1. We live in a creation - that this world is created.

2. The creator is loving.

3. We are the creator's children.

Unless you are prepared to entertain these as genuine possibilities; then you have not even begun to evaluate Christianity.

The picture is The Seeker - by William Arkle. The artist provides the following explanation: "The person who takes the trouble to know and understand the more ethereal and subtle realities of his nature is rewarded with an inner vision which transforms the significance of the world about him. This picture does not suggest that the vision is seen in this way with our physical sight, it can only try to communicate an intuitive apprehension for which there is no language. In this, as in many of the other pictures, the demand on the viewer is great since he must enter into the spirit of the attempted interpretation of dimensions of light, space and spiritual atmosphere."