Monday, 20 March 2017

Everything 'successful' and new, and all managerial/ political changes, are about surveillance

Just something I've noticed - whenever there is a thing which is suddenly everywhere or everybody (in the media) is talking about - mobile phones, Facebook and the other social media, quality assurance management, smart cards, smart phones, smart TVs, wearable computers, Uber taxicabs, transhumanism, electronic implants, self-drive cars, drone deliveries...

It is always about surveillance. Bottom-line.

Presumably that is the main demonic plan - 24/ 7 surveillance/ stimuli to addict and to fill and distract the mind - so no agency, no possibility of 'noticing', no chance of repentance, no awareness of metaphysical incoherence to life...

Self-damnation (rejection of salvation) all-but guaranteed.

And so far as I can see - the mass public are all-for the program; mad keen, clamouring to get it faster (anything to distract and amuse us while we wait for death-and-supposed-extinction, is welcomed with open arms and joyous smiles) - so I suppose it will happen.

Totalitarian brain-washing by choice. 

And perfectly rational - given the mainstream belief that there is no God, no real-Reality, no life beyond death; that Life is meaningless and purposeless, most of the world is dead and everything but (some) humans is unconscious; and truth, beauty and morality are just stuff we make-up... Well, with such a basic perspective - then anyone who offers a state of more-or-less-pleasant permanent mental distraction is naturally to be welcomed with open arms etc.


Seijio Arakawa said...

After re-reading this post I suddenly found myself wondering why ethereal demonic forces want there to be physical means of surveillance. It seems superfluous, on the face of it.

Then it occurred to me that, in tradition, the demons are able to observe everything that happens in the physical world, but they are not able to tell what people are thinking, except by extrapolating from what they do. So that perhaps explains things like Facebook (people blurting out what is on their mind, all the time) and television (cut the gordian knot of surveillance by filling people's minds with predictable content). A combination of these technologies -- to shovel data into people's minds, and then to assess their reactions by the online response they produce -- can start to approach a perfect-feedback mechanism.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Seijio - Good point.

My current conceptualization is that they cannot remove agency/ free will because it is a property of the real-self - but they can indice us into denying/ ignoring it, perhaps permanently, by burying the real-self beneath layers of automatic processing.

The demonic forces cannot detect or control the real-self and primary thinking; but by control of inputs and outputs to learned/ induced simplified processing, this can (in practice) be eliminated... or, at least, that is their plan.