Monday 13 March 2017

Micro-models have replaced theories - People cannot 'join the dots' because the dots cannot be joined

Fake theories are much worse than fake facts because people make sense of facts using theories.

But modern mainstream theories - whether in science, law, medicine, religion, politics or the mass media - do not deserve the name of theories - they are so small, so specific... let's call them micro-models.

Micro-models are the sound-bites of theory which we get everywhere. Each serves mere to fake-explain some tiny sliver of facts - and there is no possibility, no attempt, and no requirement that these micro-models should add-up to anything more.

In fact, if you even try to add them up - or to point out that they cannot be added up - you will be ignored, mocked or attacked (according to the perceived importance).

Micro-models replace understanding - their special quality is that they do not allow understanding. They operate everywhere - they are the norm not the exception.

And - with the best will in the world (which is, anyway, lacking) micro-models cannot be added-up to anything bigger, cannot be made sense of... they are dots which cannot ever under any circumstances be joined to make something greater.

Micro-models are, indeed, perfect mechanisms for demonic activity: a fake understanding of fake problems which makes no sense and cannot lead to either understanding of life or purpose in life: in sum - the perfect mechanism for inducing helpless despair in all matters across the whole population!

Moral: Metaphysics - the examination of our fundamental assumptions regarding the basic nature of reality, and the creation of theories of the utmost generality - is the single most neglected yet urgent subject of our era.

Note: See 'micro-specialisms' in science, as an example:

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