Monday 6 March 2017

The modern workplace is objectively totalitarian - what are you doing about it?

Well - it is.

Monitoring is extended down to a timescale of minutes; and everyone is enlisted to provide evidence against themselves and each other by the totalitarian systems of 'quality assurance' management.

This is not just or primarily a system of physical control - but a strategic system of thought control; designed to entrap people, to enmesh them in lies and compromises from which they see no escape but to beg and crave the indulgence of their superiors.

In the modern workplace; you are in breach of regulations at every moment - the evidence for which is supplied by yourself and your colleagues. It is literally impossible to do your job and comply with the demands for monitoring, and to comply with the overlapping and conflicting requirements for ideology.

Your attitudes are wrong, your attitude are 'evil' - especially when they acknowledge reality. You need your consciousness raising, your understanding transformed, your mind reprogrammed...

You are continually failing - because the situation is one in which success is literally impossible. (Everybody is in breach of regulations at every moment - by action and inaction.) At any time you can be denounced - potentially by you own auditable accounts of yourself. There is no defence - but to beg for mercy (and typically mercy will not be forthcoming - you are to be made an example of.) 

The modern worker, 'works' hard, is very 'busy' - but does nothing functional; indeed, the harder he works, the more work he inflicts on himself and his colleagues. The finer the mesh of the steel web of bureacracy he weaves around himself and his colleagues.

Indeed this just IS modern work - a system of creating work and adding more and ever-more systems of monitoring,  audit and control.

A waste of time? Yes of course. But that is not the main problem - this is not just a 'waste of time'.

Totalitarian systems are not merely futile - they are actively evil.

Totalitarianism is control with a purpose - and that purpose is the destruction of Good, the denial of God - the inversion of Good, the damnation of souls. 

People used to know this naturally without needing it pointed out - people used to feel when they were being corrupted.

But now? They feel a hopeless misery, yes - but they are already so corrupted that they have lost the ability to perceive further corruption. We are all of us - in the workplace - concentration camp guards and bureaucrats - that is, when we are not the prisoners being made to extend and reinforce our gaols.

People do not believe in the instant and infinite power of repentance - so they see no way-out from the state of enmeshed collaboration and their suffocating history of being complicit in tyranny.

But repentance is the answer - and only Christ offers repentance.

(Indeed, without Christ, the concept has no meaning - which is why hardly anybody believes it.)

First repentance to escape the fine steel mesh that traps us - and then? Steps to freedom.

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