Monday 4 September 2017

Fake thinking/ Fake knowledge... where will it end?

Due to the subversion, corruption and inversion of the mass media and all major social institutions...

Communication is useless.

(That is, communication via the senses - via visual and auditory channels)


What remains is direct knowing.

...In which pure thinking (of an individual) participates-in universal reality - thereby knowing other people, places, times, things... directly.

Our world, here-and-now, is one of Fake thinking generating Fake knowledge - yet we swim in a sea of mutually-reinforcing fakery, and are unaware of the fact.

For us only the Fake is Real... 


Awakening cannot be compelled - nor is it a mass phenomenon. It is a consequence of individual freedom, it must be chosen.

What, then, could compel people - I mean individual persons - to a situation in which the choice of Awakening was stark and simple, and evasion become all-but impossible?


In The West, we go further and further into the false knowledge of false selves: this is our public world; and (with mass media, social media, propaganda) our public world is more and more pervasive.

We inhabit a vast superstructure of deliberately-manufactured and elaborately-sustained falseness, irrelevance, uselessness: a fake world.

But if this fake world is not continuously sustained, imposed, fuelled, repaired; then it will collapse within the mind - and an individual will be confronted by its opposite: which is intuitive knowing.

So, awakening may come to a person when he or she is confronted by the fake knowledge of their fake selves. The two go together: the self and the knowledge. Both the self and our knowledge need to be recognised as fake simultaneously.


In a world were communication is pervasive and addictive and fake - communication is the core of evil. The enemy of communication is direct knowing.

Our primary task is therefore to know directly; which entails to live from the primary thinking of our true selves.

We will all, sooner or later, be confronted by this reality: confronted but not compelled - we cannot be compelled to reject the fake and embrace the truth.

But we can be compelled to make the choice in a situation of maximum clarity about the issue at stake; that issue being the salvation of our souls.

The above is edited and excerpted from an essay at Albion Awakening.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I'll go ahead and ask the obvious question: If communication is the core evil, why are you communicating with us?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - I'm not communicating with anybody - so far as I know. I am clarifying my thinking by trial and error. Some other few people may be doing the same with my writing. If there is any real linkage going on, it is by two people apprehending the same truths in the universal realm of reality.

Albrecht said...

Thank you for continuing to work this theme. If I may sum it up: Not only is our intuitive, visceral knowing a legitimate and true way of knowing, it is the only truth, the only knowing – that which we know,(as we say) "in our heart". All else – apart from revelation – is, more or less, propaganda, spin, marketing and various other kinds of pernicious lies. The ruler of this world is also known as the father of lies.

Children follow their intuitions much more readily than adults. Maybe this relates to what Jesus meant when he said, "…Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3)