Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Strategic difficulties facing the Evil Global Conspiracy - hope for Christians

The triumph of totalitarian evil will, in and of itself, engineer people into the situation where they find themselves utterly isolated - hence very difficult to influence in any predictable fashion.

Individuals will then stand in awareness of little more than their existential essence - and that, in itself, is a state highly conducive to the intuitive recognition of the reality of God.

At this extreme the reality of God becomes unavoidable and each faces the stark choice of accepting or rejecting his creation and love. This choice cannot be compelled either way - and each has the resources to choose God, if he so chooses - a situation of extreme hazard for evil!

Therefore, the closer evil comes to a situation of final victory, the more brittle and vulnerable that triumph becomes.

Which is good reason for real hope... 

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and William Wildblood on the continuing spiritual sleep of Albion.

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