Tuesday 11 September 2018

From the comments: Chiu ChunLing on living in the End Times

Tough thinking from 'CCL' in response to yesterday's post on 'strategy' and its current undesirability...

I think that the key thing is that there is no strategy that does not involve the basic and unavoidable evil of war, i.e. collateral damage.

And the collateral damage we must accept to form a realistic strategy at this stage is stupendous.

Essentially, the sacrifice of all civilization and everything that depends on it, saving only ourselves and what we can personally conserve. This would be an evil strategy if the wider culture were viable, and thus had to be actively undermined.

What makes this strategy less evil is that it requires nothing of us but that we individually disengage and stop actively serving the unsustainable evil of the wider culture. But by the token of being a movement of individuals moved by personal conscience, it ceases to seem anything like a strategy at the scale of events we're facing.

Nor is it one, because the larger scale culture is not our concern. What matters is the individual, personal decisions of each of us and our accountability to God for them.

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