Thursday 27 September 2018

Social division/ polarisation in The West

There are many mainstream media and official bureaucracy complaints about the current and increasing social division - or 'polarisation'.

At the same time the reason for increasing social division is the mainstream media and the bureaucracy and their systematic inculcation and direction of fear and resentment against their enemies (or scapegoat friends; symbolically punished for their insufficient enthusiasm).

What they mean by 'division' is that some people disagree with them; that some people dissent (or have been dishonestly or arbitrarily labelled as dissenting - equally effective) from the totalitarian politically correct leftist materialism that is now the core ideology.

If that is what is meant by division, there is - in fact - very little division in modern society.

Almost everybody is on-message overall and on average and in terms of fundamental assumptions - but a few scattered persons dissent in various specific details (or are said to), and these are The Problem of Polarisation. The approved answer is that such people get in-line, and cease to divide themselves from the mainstream.

So, by this definition of division/ polarisation - I hope that there would be a lot more of it, I'm disappointed there is so very little (even in people's private minds and wishes, there seems to be very little dissent).

Nonetheless, even when everyone is 'on side' there will continue to be a manufactured division and persecution - permanent war and also internal conflict (as depicted by Orwell in 1984, represented by Emmanuel Goldstein and his imaginary secret society of saboteurs); because leftist materialism is incoherent (it seeks no specific attainable end-point - except the maximum chosen self-damnation of individual souls); and leftist materialism seeks the most favourable-to-itself societal state of continuous, endemic fear and resentment. 

As for the problems of coercion, repression and violence causes by division; I have noticed that the mainstream enforcement is, indeed, far more aggressive and vicious than before, when dealing with accused/ supposed dissent; and the level of induced hatred justifies this and the division of society into Us and Them makes it easier to target (so long as the boundary between us-and-them can be shifted as is expedient).

So, we could perhaps agree that 'division' is only a real problem when it is dissent from reality, truth, beauty and virtue; and that division from incoherence, lies, ugliness and evil would be A Good Thing.

Indeed; in these End Times we should expect that clear and extreme social division is both necessary and positive; because the only alternative is universal self-chosen damnation.


Chiu ChunLing said...

There may be little conscious and conscientious opposition to the post-modern agenda, just as the organized sabotage of some band of Goldstein party was a fiction in 1984 and in most of the purges under communism.

But there is very real and pervasive opposition at an instinctive and unconscious level. This is why communism fails, why most people had inadequate footwear in Oceania despite the tens of millions of boots supposedly produced every quarter, and why there will always be hidden and covert racism/sexism/classism to root out and destroy. The Ukrainian farmers massacred or merely beaten, robbed of their scanty food stores, and left to starve by the millions for 'sabotaging food production' didn't intend to oppose the Soviet government, but as human beings they couldn't help but fail to comply with its deeply and fundamentally anti-human demands on them.

The opposition is real.

But it can never be eliminated without unlimited genocide that eventually kills even the party elite themselves, because humanity itself is the opposition.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - "The opposition is real"

Yes, but *unconsciously* so - which, I'm afraid, is not enough; I mean, in a *spiritual* sense it is not enough.

Chiu ChunLing said...

That much is certain, while the mere intractability human nature is sufficient for damnation in the eyes of the world, it is not faith sufficient for salvation.