Tuesday 30 June 2020

"Flattening the curve" - What happens when a lie has served its purpose?

Do you remember back in the olden days - way, way back so long ago that hardly anyone can recall it - I mean in March-April 2020. Well children, in those dark ages, everyone in the world thought that the most important thing in the world was "flattening the curve" of the birdemic.

It was so important that we needed an international totalitarian coup to impose a worldwide 'lockdown' (just like in a prison! Ha Ha!) and 'social distancing' (so that each person was locked into his-own prison).

But Not To Worry because it was only to flatten the curve, nasty perhaps - but only temporary, just for a few weeks; and when that darned curve had been good and flattened - it would be 'back to normal' with just the memory of a 'V-shaped depression' of GDP in the history books to remind us of those quaint days of solitary confinement.

So now we know that it was all true, all necessary; and can thank from our hearts our honest and well-motivated rulers that we have been saved from a new plague with bodies piled in the streets (as evidenced by what happened to the few places that did not fully lock-down-social-distance).

And we can approach the future with confidence that our Establishment in government, the mass media and all the rest of it, have now proven themselves to be worthy of our unlimited attention, absolute belief, and trusting obedience.

Which is why The Powers have utterly (and with relief) undone their vast systems of micro-surveillance and omni-control. Unsurprising, then, that nobody ever mentions flattening curves anymore.

Job done!


Francis Berger said...

I'm just relieved they managed to acquire the hundreds of thousands of needed ventilators in time. Oh yeah, no one is talking about that anymore either.

Jacob Gittes said...

Yep. Nice ironic post.
Here in Minnesota, the governor is considering an order to mandate face masks.
No wait - now they are all calling them "face coverings."

Unless the matrix system actually is based on pure unreality, then they really are going to crash the economic system that supports most of humanity.

It's insane. I'm trying to make a reservation on an airline,and I was told the wait time to talk to a human was something like seven hours. The system is starting to buckle.
So buckle up spiritually and in whatever ways you feel you need to.

Bruce Charlton said...

"Unless the matrix system actually is based on pure unreality, then they really are going to crash the economic system that supports most of humanity."

That's it exactly! Or to put it the other way around, if the economic system does not crash - then everything we thought we knew about how the world works was wrong

I mean, things like people have to grow food, make stuff, trade and transport, inventing and repairing - and we are all something like software programs!

However, I don't believe it myself! - and I think instead that billions *will* die. If we don't (and I am improbably still alive) - then I would need to make some big changes in my assumptions.

Epimetheus said...

Hey, sometimes even the Angels have to harvest a little laughter from the whole thing. What else can you do?

Luther Burgsvik said...

There's a passage from the novel 'The Penltimate Truth' by Philip Dick (I'm think that you've metioned that you've read it), that could accurately describe the relationship between the authorities and the public in relation to the Scamdemic/birddemic:

Jorgensen said "We can't leave here. None of us"
"Who says so?" Nicholas asked, after a pause.
"Carol herself," Haller said. "Because of you. The Bag Plague or Stink of Shrink or any other bacterial contamination that you and this fella may have on you"
Jorgensen said, "We've already notified Carol by intercom that it is you. [..] Meanwhile we're all supposed to take off our clothes, pile them up, then outside the door there's this chamber we built in the shops; we'll pass through it, naked, one by one, and jets if 'cide of different types will-"
To Nicholas, Adam said, "I never, I just never realized. How completely they accept it I guess as an intellectual acceptance. But 'this'." He gestured.
"All the way down." Nicholas said, nodding. "In every emotional level. Down to the basic phobic animal level; to the very deepest level." He began to remove his clothes, resignedly. Until the time arrived to tell them, there was no choice; the ritual had to be gone through.
At last, as if prodded by a remote reflex of some dim, uncertain source, Adams, too, began unbuttoning his shirt.

[Page 182 - 183]

Hamish said...

It’s a pity a lot of people still cannot draw the obvious conclusion that the powers that be are motivated by evil. They will say anything and push any absurd policy that serves the cause of creating chaos and sowing discord and confusion. This is why it is important that we understand this world being an arena of spiritual war, for if they are motivated by evil, what we see makes perfect sense and we should not expect otherwise. As you say Bruce, our beliefs about the basic nature of reality are of the utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

The theme running through these psyops (the masks, George Floyd, the cover of The Economist and so on) is "I can't breathe."

Look into the effects of 5G technology on oxygen and hemoglobin. Some areas in California have updated to 5G, and when I enter those areas I instantly feel the oxygen depletion and need to leave. A few times my heart rate raised very high and I almost passed out. Apparently most people aren't feeling this yet, though I'm thinking the birdemic is a cover for 5G radiation poisoning. (Once I leave the irradiated area, the symptoms disappear after awhile.)

Hopefully I am just "hypersensitive," but sadly I suspect the Luciferian sellouts are planning mass genocide using microwave weapons.

Anonymous said...

Register of Birth - Nursery - School - University - Prison - Factory - Office - Dole Office - Army - Navy - Air Force - GP Surgery - Hospital - Dentist - Social Services - GPS - Internet - Smart Phones - Commercial Companies - Banks - Insurers, and many others up until the death certificate is issued - ALL keep files on you and me.
From birth we have all been habituated to systems and obedience - trained to jump through someone else's hoop. No wonder lockdown was accepted by the many so easily, so meekly, so willingly - no surprise at all - we are used to it.