Monday 17 August 2020

Birdemic versus influenza: selective microscopic attention generates pseudo-evidence supporting the Big Lie underpinning the Global coup

I have commented before, from a scientific perspective, how the application of microscopic attention to scientific observations or theories that you want to reject is a common form of dishonesty; and most modern professional-researchers (self-styled 'scientists') are neither intelligent, nor competent, nor truth-seeking enough to understand this. Indeed, they are deeply-invested-in Not understanding it.

We see the inverse side of this phenomenon in relation to the birdemic (and other phenomena that the media wants us to regard as significant, common, universal - such as 'racism' or 'global warming'...).

This works by putting a microscope onto one thing, but not another; thereby psychologically amplifying one but not the other phenomenon, making it occupy grossly disproportionate attention.

Compare the birdemic with a bad influenza year, such as 2014-15 or 2017-18. A truthful, truth-seeking comparison of the death rates suggests that the birdemic and flu are not-significantly-different in dangerousness.

However; the microscope has been applied to every aspect of the birdemic, but not to flu - and this produces so much distortion that a detailed comparison is (if we are honest) impossible.  

We can only say that we could not be confident that there was any significant difference in overall mortality.

However, nobody with power/ influence is interested in flu.

Nobody puts a microscope onto flu by looking for extra cases, by interviewing flu victims, by funding vast amounts of research into the 'distinctive' clinical features of (say) the 2017 strain of flu, compared with previous years.

Nobody changed the rules to insist that anyone who had previously at some point, or was probably currently suffering, flu; would be classified as having-died-from flu. Nobody prevented post mortems that might confirm a non-flu cause of death.

Nobody sent teams of reporters to the worst hospitals, mismanaging flu by providing Intensive Therapy to doomed 85 year olds with multiple pathologies - who later inevitably died, after blocking the scarce facilities for several weeks, so that potentially curable patients could not use them.

Nobody interviewed every sufferer from flu (which - as well as hospitalising and killing a vulnerable minority; also can feel absolutely horrible; and often debilitates people for several weeks) - nor did anybody list celebrities with flu.

And when the flu deaths stopped and hardly anybody was ill from it, as always happens, when the weather became warmer and sunnier and people go outside more; nobody introduced mass population testing for flu - using an unvalidated and unverifiable test that almost-certainly has (like all known screening tests) an extremely-high (but unknown, because not validated) false-positive rate when used in a non-pathological population.

Nobody then called positive (unvalidated) flu tests 'cases' - and then claimed that this meant the disease was getting worse, despite no more deaths.

Nobody pretended that the inevitable geographical and social variations in flu cases (or indeed deaths), which are known and seen for all infectious respiratory diseases. There are (nearly) always different mortality rates from infections by class, race and correlated with IQ for instance. This doesn't mean anything except that people are different, and different people are not randomly distributed. 

Nobody suggested that flu needed universal +/- compulsory vaccination, nor that universal flu vaccination would be universally effective (which it never is, and cannot be). 

And - most of all - nobody treated influenza outbreaks by the wholly-hypothetical methods of universal (indeed Global) lockdown and social-distancing - forever! Instead, the influenza pandemics were managed by tried and tested methods, methods that had controlled and terminated all previous respiratory viral pandemics.

But then people assumed that the birdemic was different-from all previous respiratory viral pandemics such as flu...

But why did they assume this? Oh yes; because a microscope was applied to the birdemic, from the very beginning (or maybe before it had really begun); which (from the beginning) totally distorted perception and warped judgment, and led to unprecedented chronic, monomaniacal panic...

But why was the microscope applied to the birdemic in the first place - when there was Never anything to suggest it was significantly different from any other bad flu year?

That is the proper question - and the answer is known.

However, if you haven't already seen all this - and don't already know the real reason for the birdemic from your own direct personal experience; then there is no point in my writing any of this; nor of you reading it.

Because you are incapable of learning.



William Wildblood said...

I know several people who have had this thing one of them being myself. In every case it was like flu, sometimes mild sometimes not so much but still flu-like. You will inevitably be told of people who had a very bad experience but that also happens with flu. You will be told of lingering after effects. Also happens with flu.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Polls conducted by KEKST CNC (available via Google) show that Britons on average believe that the birdemic has killed 7% of the population to date. Americans believe that 9% of their countrymen have been lost. In America, the reality is that 0.04% of people have died, according the government's own cooked numbers (i.e., it's much lower).

This means the general public is acting on the basis of beliefs that are wrong by a factor of 200-300. Denmark is the worst of all, incidentally -- a full 300X over-estimate on behalf of the public. The media and world governments have done nothing whatsoever to correct this absurd bias, in fact they seem to have created in intentionally.

I find this quite terrifying. For many years I pondered "how could the German people have permitted the Holocaust?". Well, tis rather clear now.

Nevertheless, do not forget we are fully warned of all of this. We must cleave as never before to our heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nova - Indeed. This depends absolutely on people ignoring and over-riding their own experience, and instead believing what is stated (today) by the media (who are also their only source of 'official' information).

The Establishment have been working on this for the past couple of generations; including via educational establishments.

Personal experience is termed anecdote - too biased to be true; common sense is denigrated as false consciousness (a product of evil social conditioning). Truth lies in officially funded and/or 'peer-reviewed' publications - endorsed by the Establishment (if not, it's intrinsically Denialism, Fake News and Conspiracy Theories).

This happened in medicine through the 1990s as evidence based medicine (EBM); doctor's are now supposed to ignore what their individual patients tell them, and what happens to individual patients following treatment - and treat them according to group averages endorsed by the Models (protocols; 'based on' mega- randomised controlled trials (c95% of which are funded by Big Pharma, and the rest by government agencies).

Francis Berger said...

Excellent post!

As far as I know, nobody has ever proposed using influenza as a catalyst for a sweeping and comprehensive global reset either.

Bruce Charlton said...


"nobody has ever proposed using influenza as a catalyst for a sweeping and comprehensive global reset either."

Not up to now... But *from-now* the machinery is in-place to keep the reset going. For example, if the new pandemic microscope was put onto the inevitable 2020-21 influenza, it will certainly be 'discovered' that it is a 'different' flu; a flu that 'might' be as lethal as Ebola, or whatever...

So, to be on the 'safe' side, we should then act according to... whatever the official Models say (and any model can tell us only what the model is set up to include (assumptions); a model merely measures the outcome of what we have already assumed)...

Jacob Gittes said...

Yep. So true.
And the fact is that it was planned beforehand. Probably long before. I just downloaded my own copy of the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 document entitled, "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.
It has sections on how the world might respond to pandemics, including this scenario:
A world of tighter top-down government control and more
authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing
citizen pushback.

Amazing: all predicted a decade before. And I'm wagering that their AI simulations of us tell them almost exactly how the masses are going to respond.

They want to maximize the economic and social pain, before coming out with the Golden God savior of the vax. They may screw up, though, and just crash the whole Systme.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Indeed. Part of the problem is that people don't know or forget how horrible real flu often is; because they tend to say that a cold is flu, maybe to get out of work.

I used to get real full-blown flu most winters, but since I took 25 micrograms (1000IU) vitamin D daily I haven't had flu (or, at least, not full-blown) - for which I am grateful, because having my regular migraine on top of flu was a bit of a nightmare.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I assume that China's extreme overreaction is what got the ball rolling, and then the powers that shouldn't be seized on the pretext for a coup. (The original plan was probably to use the "climate emergency" instead.)

So why did China overreact? Presumably because they had good reason to believe the thing was a bioweapon and not a run-of-the-mill respiratory virus.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - I don't know, but one reason may be that China is a part of the exact same Establishment that implemented the Global lockdown. It may be that this was simply their role - as implied by China's participation in Event 201 of October 2019 (by the Great Reset People and Bill Gates/ WHO) - which simulated a c.virus outbreak originating in China:

It's all out there, the plans all spelled-out - with only the underlying motivations faked.

Hari Seldon said...

The Event 201 scenario predicts economic chaos, international trade and travel restrictions and censoring of "misinformation" but not absurd stay-at-home orders and mandatory shuttering of businesses, churches, etc. The latter measures apparently were pioneered by China during the SARS epidemic in 2003, when 30,000 Beijing residents were confined to their homes or quarantine sites and all schools and entertainment venues were closed (

I suspect that China's draconian interventions during the "novel" coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan were a typical, heavy-handed Communist overreaction, the SARS lockdown on steroids, which the global elite then latched onto as the perfect vehicle for achieving its totalitarian aims. Or perhaps China planned it out in coordination with the global elite. Hard to say.

In any case, it's interesting to note that the Event 201 exercise fails to anticipate global house arrest even with a pandemic that kills 65 million people! Perhaps the Plan was updated after October...

Faculty X said...

It's unfortunate your view of time is wrong (in the prior post) and getting a better grip of historical timing cycles would clear it up.

Time is not linear except by believing it to be a priori.

It's cyclical.

The details of what triggers the historical change are irrelevant.

Our time now is a time in the cycle where the fake democratic merchant rule collapses to be replaced by tyranny/police state.

Written about by Plato and the philosophers of India as well - we are in for it because the cycle is here, now again as it was already observed 3000 years ago.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FX - I used to share the Platonic view of time; but it has no place for mortal life, or human beings, or for incarnation (Men with bodies) - therefore I found it incompatible with Christianity. I'm aware many others have tried to square this circle, but I regard them as having failed - and distorted Christianity in the process.

HS - It's remarkable how much of 201 *has* been shared with the public (although there is that 'law' by which demons seem compelled to tell people what they will do, before doing it - maybe the origin of the villain monologue in Hollywood movies!) - although the information is hidden in plain sight from a public who regard this, the UN 2030 agenda and the Great Reset (linked with 201) as the wild imaginings of tinfoil-helmeted conspiracy theorists.

But I don't for a millisecond suppose that the whole thing was made public, just as the real motivations behind the bleeding-hearted concern of the mega-rich and media-moguls for the environment, some races, women, QWERTY people &c &c - are the true motivations of these individuals, and those whom they serve.

Hari Seldon said...

@BC Indeed. I find the Rockefeller Foundation's "Lock Step" scenario from 2010 to be far more disturbingly accurate as a prediction/forewarning of 2020 - down to its envisioning of mandatory face masks and body-temperature checks - but I would not expect the whole plan to be made public.

I have the kind of mind that wants to understand exactly what decisions were made by whom, when and why during this historical inflection-point - and maybe that story will be told someday - but I believe you have warned in the past about paying too much attention to the details when we already know everything we *need* to know.

William Wildblood said...

Re the cyclical nature of time, this doesn't mean it's not linear as well. There are cycles but they don't repeat themselves. The procedure may be more like a kind of irregular spiral.

Joseph A. said...

Yes, yes, yes! And the stats. are there for people to consult, but they don't . . . they stir in their hysteria. On the CDC's own web site, I see that influenza and pneumonia accounted for 16% of American deaths for some weeks in early 2019 (when I myself was terribly sick for about seven weeks -- I thought that I might die). 16% of all deaths! Was this national news? Nope. Just a bad year, as they happen with some regularity. And, yet, people don't seem to remember the day before yesterday. They have become children with no memory.

I just find it all so shocking -- not that there are powerful people with ill will, but that so many people throughout society are so incredibly blind. Stupid. Gullible. Credulous. Obedient. Amazing . . .

lgude said...

It turns out I am capable of learning, because my view has changed since late February when at the urgings of a 'prepper' type I stocked up food in anticipation of this flu being handled the same way the 1919 flu or the plague was handled - weathering its spread as well as possible until it burned itself out. Then the lockdown happened and has been pretty effective some places - particularly here in Western Australia. But a funny thing happened to me - I would say be Grace. First, I saw that Death was coming in some form in any case and that I couldn't swallow any longer that death was my enemy or the negation of life and with it all that is good. Then it became starkly plain that that the purpose of my life to be as present to God as possible. So the flu was the event that made me realise just how important and how difficult being present to God actually is. I find it almost impossible. Almost. A lifetime of being trained up to avoid God (hidden behind the central fact of our existence - our mortality) is not easily overcome. But making a wholehearted attempt breaks the bonds of fear and and the absolute grip of suffering. For me it is the difference that Dante saw between Hell and Purgatory as an inner change of attitude where the sinner no longer seeks to justify his acts but instead accepts his sin and consequent suffering joyfully confident in his ultimate salvation.

Hamish said...

Hypothetically even with 0.99 probability (and from what I’ve read no test is anywhere near this) of detection means that out of ten thousand tests, one hundred will show up positive falsely, if no one has a ‘real’ infection. But of course we can’t rely on professional judgement of symptoms and their importance, because we all ‘know’ individual judgment is unreliable as it does not rely on a fixed procedure, unlike a test verified by ‘science’.

Hamish said...

Perhaps the authorities should prefix the name of every respiratory virus with the word novel from now on. That will fix it!