Wednesday 12 August 2020

The New Normal is living in somebody else's psychotic delusional state

It began with the trans-agenda, when common sense and biology were thrown-out and criminalized to reorganise the world on the basis of a handful of delusional individuals; but was rapidly followed by the whole planet living in demented chaos on the basis of a fake response to a fake birdemic.

Welcome to the New Normal of international totalitarianism - aka The Great Reset - aka 2030 Agenda - aka Hell on Earth; as given-you compliments of the actual demons and possessed zombies of the Global Establishment, with the enthusiastic co-operation of their willing victims: the billions of self-damned souls.

Because when a Big Lie becomes a mandatory daily-'truth', then we are in the realms of both psychosis and sin: the sin enabling the psychosis - the psychosis defending the sin...



Gary said...

It's striking, and no doubt part of the reason why the wheat is being sorted from the chaff.

Never has the importance of a Rod been more important.

A firm rod between the shoulderblades, the rod of righteousness in our hand, whilst following the rod of the word of God to the Tree of Life.

Anything less, and you'll be in a self damned state of delirium (and loving it, as must be), out of which you may never exit if you go deep enough down that path.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - I get your meaning; but for most of my (non-Mormon) readers, Gary is referencing this parable:

Anonymous said...

The psychosis is getting worse, too....Have you seen the pictures of classrooms with each desk surrounded by plexiglass?

Where I work everyone on campus is required to wear a mask all day, even when lecturing. Thankfully, I'm able to work remotely for now. Normally I prefer interacting with people in person, but with all of the insanity going on I think distance education is less traumatizing.

Jacob Gittes said...

I know this will be controversial, but I believe that the mass psychosis, as you call it, can actually change real reality.

The economy should already be crashed. It's not.
People live as though there is a deadly virus ready to kill them at any time. They've somehow materialized something very ominous. A reality breakdown.

Can thoughts change the physical reality we live in?
How fluid is reality?

Andrew said...

Very interesting Jake. I thought that sort of magic didn't work anymore, but maybe it does. Or maybe it is just weaker than it used to be and requires greater scale.

I equate the mass murder of babies/fetuses with historical child sacrifice cults. I believe it is being done for the same sort of demonic purposes. Really, truly - and find it so strange how normalized this mass murder is, and how completely oblivious people are.

Regarding the economic collapse, I think we will see issues post US election. I know the President seems extremely ineffective, but he is so hated for some reason. Once he is out of the way, the effects of economic collapse and food shortages can begin in earnest.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to live in someone else's psychotic delusional state! It will inevitably therefore be a passing phase...