Wednesday 5 August 2020

What are Their plans for Us?

I suppose Their eventual plan is for a massive population reduction - down to about 1 billion (that's what some of Them have said, anyway).

So I guess the intermediate stage will be a world of almost pure materialism and denial of the spirit; in which 'non-essential' workers are pretty much on permanent house-arrest and curfew (like a couple of months ago); living off diminishing doles provided by the 'essential' workers - who are paid less, work more, and are told exactly what work to do.

And then, incrementally, being killed-off by whatever combination of starvation, disease, poison and violence best suits each location and society.

But then, this isn't an end-point either, because these are demonic powers - and They have no End Point except self-chosen-damnation.

The ongoing situation is being engineered to prevent awakening among both the doomed masses and the Establishment and their minions who are dooming them.

The Establishment need to believe that they are doing-'Good' (i.e. to believe that evil is Good) - and that is why the social goals cannot be approached directly and explicitly. The 'cover stories' (Climate Change, Antiracism, Birdemic etc) are aiming at the Establishment self-conception, mainly.

These are among the Big Lies that enable Them to convince Themselves that they are fighting for Good.

When only the Establishment and Their minions remain - they will be set against each other - pursuing different evil priorities (sexual revolution versus antiracism, socialism versus feminism, fighting Climate Change versus fighting the Birdemic etc). That is, a war of rival versions of inverted-Good.

The Godless masses seem able to damn themselves whatever happens, and for whatever reason - whatever implausible and incoherent, temporary fig leaf of justification is casually tossed in their direction.

The one thing the masses seem sure about through everything - is that God is not real. Or, if God is real; God is not important. Therefore, the Only thing which Really matters is that their own short-term suffering should be minimal.

So long as the masses can imagine being forced into a worse situation than they currently inhabit, they will strive to avoid that worse situation At Any Price.

Hell is a world of negatives - there is no positive Good, only the double negative of lesser suffering.


Jacob Gittes said...

"The ongoing situation is being engineered to prevent awakening among both the doomed masses and the Establishment and their minions who are dooming them."

Engineered by whom?

The level of sophistication in the "engineering" seems more than humans could do.
It's stunning. Very few of the people I talk to about our situation seem able to comprehend that the ongoing lockdowns, virus hysteria, and associated phenomena are far more destructive than the virus itself.
It's almost like they are computer who run into code that they can't run. Blue screen.
Can the mere fear of death really cause a complete lapse of thinking?
An inability to forecast the future based on simple ideas, such as that you need a functioning economy to provide necessities?

And as you say, most of the masses embrace it. Our local leaders embrace it. They just cancelled the already delayed 4th of July Fireworks/celebration that was now going to be on Labor Day. In other words, all normal life: canceled.
Students and children in schools will be wearing unhealthy masks, if they go back at all.
Parents will have to figure out how to care for their children if they even have jobs to go to.

It's a real challenge to not let the anxiety take over. I lapse. And will have to regularly repent for giving in to the climate of fear and anger.

Anonymous said...

At some level, I have a feeling many people are secretly enjoying the birdemic. Now they have an excuse to be lazy, cowardly, petty dictators. More people would be fighting against all this if they weren't gaining some sort of benefit.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jacob. Indeed. The lack of comprehension of the actual situation is both widespread and spiritually lethal; since it is to live by lies, and to embrace the lies.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ED Sure thing. Here in the UK millions of people are better off financially, on 80% salary but no work.

John Rockwell said...

Repeated pandemics of Bubonic plague is one example of an effective population reducer.

Especially in dense areas around the world.

A said...

"Virtual Reality" and "Minimum Income" has been a push for a while. We see this basically implemented by force now - not quite the VR people hoped for - but a completely absorption into social media / streaming videos / games / distractions while living off a low stipend. Feel free to zone out on a cocktail of anti-depressants, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, and processed food. It fits the elite goals of depopulation and minimizing resource usage. Let people sit at home and consume what-ever product (Gatesian fake ground beef and other nonsense) while doing nothing, not reproducing, and slowly dying off.

Despite great hopes in Trump and his "4D Chess" he seems to be going along along with everything. The total lockdown, the minimum income, the mass vaccination program - the Elites are getting their wish list checked off quickly.

I believe the mass vaccination program will purposely cause infertility/sterilization (maybe reversible with expensive treatment, so the elite could still have their 1.2 children - but it will be the new default) and slowly the calories will be restricted. The drug executives publicly state "we don't know what the side-effects will be in 4+ years" and have received exemption. Gates and others have frequently talked about population reduction with vaccines as a primary vector.

Children, despite being at absolutely no risk, are the primary target for the new campaign along with those who have no choice (hospital workers, military, etc.). New York already has removed religion as an exemption for forced vaccination and withstood a legal challenge - also we now know religion is "non-essential" so it doesn't matter in the face of fear.

lgude said...

Once again I think Bruce penetrates to the core of what is happening to the world. Yes, the programme could be to get rid of 6 billion people - I wouldn't be shocked, but I probably won't be around to see it because I'm 7 years in bonus on my three score and ten. So I have had a inverse, inverse reaction to the plague and related events. I saw it coming early and stocked up on dried chickpeas and lentils thinking that it would just work its way through the population as it did in 1919. I reckoned that maybe I could isolate myself and avoid it. But a funny thing happened - a gift of the Grace afforded us by age. I realised I wasn't completely afraid of death, like when I was younger. I've recovered from Pneumonia twice and understand in a bodily way why is called 'the old person's friend'. I am by nature an introvert and am happiest when alone, so the lockdown has been no burden. It made me aware of how much I was unnecessarily running around - distracting myself the death. And how much all mediated reality and especially virtual reality had compromised, indeed colonised, my potential to be present. Present to everything from the soles of my feet as I walk, to God. What an opportunity this effulgence of evil as afforded an old croak like me! I doubt I am alone.