Wednesday 23 September 2020

Living in the present and eternity

Like-it, or like-it-not, we are being compelled to live in The Present - since both our earthly past and future are both being abolished so rapidly that they can no longer serve as objects of confident contemplation, can no longer structure our daily living.

The past has-been being-deleted/destroyed actively and with increasing rapidity since the 1960s; and 2020 is clearly intended to be a Year Zero for the world. 

In one sense, it was only a brief period (starting maybe in the middle 18th century, but not complete until the middle 1800s) during which the historical past was considered to have an objective, scientific validity; during which the historian was supposed to be a scientist. Before then, the past was discussed only for itse relevance to the presence - as historical exemplars and warnings, or as sources of wisdom and 'authority'. 

This 'use' of history was broadly honest and well-motivated (because all historical societies shared a basis in 'natural law' or spontaneous human goodness as a broad ideal). Now, under global satanism, and with established and increasing value-inversion; the motivations behind the abolition and manipulation of The Past (even the very recent past) are of course evil. 

But, at any rate, The Past is disappearing fast - where it has not already gone; and the prospect is for a lot more of the same. 

However, talking of 'the prospect'... The Future is abolished. 

2020 has been a training for the New Normal, post Great Reset life where the time horizon is measurable in weeks and hours, not years or decades. Things are only until the next media-disseminated official announcement. Everybody is in breach of laws and rules at every moment, and these breaches punishable by extremely severe penalties administered by low-level officials. 

In the New Normal we live only by the fickle grace and favour of the bureaucrats, manipulators of public opinion and the army of petty tyrants. And this applies equally to the bureaucrats, PR-media people and the Little Hitlers themselves - they too are subject to the same arbitrary totalitarianism that they serve so obediently. Satan hates all humans, and loathes his own servants more than most.  

Careers are abolished, along with most kind of 'work' - the continuing forms of work are subject to the current and changeable needs of The System; and work will be imposed rather than chosen and developed.  

So, it seems that the triumph of supernatural evil is compelling us to the threshold of that state which CS Lewis described as a Christian ideal! He advised that we should avoid living in The Past or Future; and should aspire to live in The Present - in context of Eternity (specifically, resurrected Heavenly life everlasting). 

Of course, this is impossible for non-Christians - who are therefore subject to the inevitable constraints and corruptions of merely present living; to the inevitable downward-spiral of short-termist hedonism; with its habituation, degradation and despair. 

So! Christians are confronted by a clear, unavoidable and undiluted incentive for living this Present life in context of the world to come. Something which we ought to be attempting anyway... But now, we have little excuse for failing to make this choice. 


Note: For a combination of reasons - internal and external - this blog seems to have reached the end of its life-expectancy and to be dying. I may, or may not, continue to blog here for my own benefit - e.g. to help in clarifying ideas (as above). But I am closing comments, at least for a while (which entails hiding old comments as well). Thus it will no longer be A Blog but more of a notebook. 

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