Sunday 6 September 2020

What does God want from us? - Reverse Engineering 2020

In general I try to stick to the individual perspective when it comes to destiny. We are meant to learn from our own experiences in mortal life - not those of the general population (and especially not when communicated by the mass media).

However, 2020 seems to teach us, generally, that we must be individually responsible agents.

Anyone who looks for external guidance, who takes his values from The World; will be adopting the perspective of Satan - will be taking the side against God - and therefore is likely to reject Christ's offer of eternal life.

Everywhere we turn for guidance, there is The Lie; a vastly complex system of millions of micro lies, built upon a few Big Lies -- that are themselves gross inversions of reality and asserted to be empirical facts. All large or powerful or wealthy or influential institutions are active followers and advocates of The Lie.

On the one hand, we have a world of evil - falsehood, false interpretation, false perspectives; and the encouragement of sins such as fear and resentment (but painted as virtue)...

And on the other hand - just our-selves.

Those who ally with God and who oppose the system may, if lucky, have support from a handful of honest folk. But this won't Just Happen. Such honest folk must be sought and selected from the mass of evil-allied corruption.

The socially-minded, the conformist, those who want to be nice and to get along, follow a career, just relax and have fun... those who accept the framework, the priorities and talking points, of the politics-mediaplex and the linked bureaucracies... All such are now working as agents of the devil.

These are, of course, a large majority.

It looks to me as if this has rapidly, and very completely, become the New Normal...

Either we make a commitment to root our worldview in our own discernment; or else we join our own life with the powers of purposive evil.

There is no neutral ground - there never has been. But now and for the first time, we are each on a solo quest through this life.


k johnson said...

I can corroborate your stance given here, just by a personal event that happened to me this past week. I literally had a choice to side with a group (four people who I thought were friends) against a single individual (who is an even closer friend). Without elaborating the context, which was work related, they 'gang' brought up a series of weak talking points to bring the one individual out of a leading position. (exaggerate plenty and leave out MANY details to prove a point, right?) It was total bogus, full of lies, and it was obvious that one of those members was hungry for POWER. The sick part of all of this, is that the individual who they chose to side against HELPED ALL of them during these times to secure a job and then they TURNED on her once they got it. They don't even think what they did was an evil thing, which amazes me. We were given a chance to stay, but it was all too humiliating and sickening. So we both chose to leave.

In the end, these material and financial comforts means nothing ESPECIALLY if you can see what is really happening. Part of me feels this may not be the only time I'll see 'so-called' friends or acquaintances turn to the darkside. But really, they did. Part of me is thankful, for it just solidifies my faith even more now.

Thank you for you post, it's quite reaffirming especially now!

William Wildblood said...

You've summed it up to a tee, Bruce. I would just add that those who do try to ally with God and stand against the system had better develop a tough hide because you are going to be attacked as mentally unbalanced or just plain bad. The time is coming when we really do have to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. It is extraordinary how Jesus has an answer for everything!

David Earle said...

The old adage, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" seems relevant here.

Everybody learns when they are young that the group isn't always right.

edwin faust said...

The old adage, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" seems relevant here.

This was always my mother's counter-argument to our "everybody's doing it" plea that we be allowed to join the crowd in one folly or another. I heard it hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times when I was growing up. Seeing it again reminded me of how deep an impression it made on me over time and I wonder how many mothers say this today. It is not just a commonsense argument but a rebuttal of the quantity-equals-quality notion that pervades contemporary thought. No matter how many assert that something is right, it cannot be made right on that account if it is intrinsically wrong. Such a simple truth, but so beyond the grasp of most people these days. Most everyone has jumped off the bridge.

Gary said...

We must know, that one of the great gifts of Christ, of being a a disciple of Christ, is that we do not need to be "members" of an "institution" in order to be saved and exalted. God will give to all, what they need, both spiritually and temporally, in order to access the highest degree of exaltation which they want to access, through the gift of His Son Christ to all who want to follow him.

This is the deep meaning behind the healing of the blind man on the Sabbath (John 9).

Of course, these gifts could (and indeed very often did) come through the medium of a church, at some time or another. But it would be a grave sin to think that it is only by being a member of a Church that we can be saved (never mind the even graver sin of asserting that only *my* church and ordinances grant exaltation).

In this sense, and in agreement with Dr Charlton´s post, I believe the world is currently in a configuration where we are being forced to become pure disciples of Christ, if we are to be disciples at all. That is, building an extremely powerful and unique bond with our Lord and Saviour, and thus with our Creator, our Heavenly Father, where the bond, covenant, communication, and granting of authority is direct and personal, and not mediated by a Church.

That there are risks inherent to this, is obvious - it is something completely new and as a rule our inner configuration is by default tending towards evil, so we have to be very vigilant and honest.

But the hard, awful facts have shown beyond any plausible doubt, that to think that we can eliminate this risk by joining a church and doing what you´re told, is no longer viable at all. And can, perhaps, even cause serious spiritual damage.

With regards to other institutions which are also corrupted and in the service of the Adversary, clearly, having decided to blot out the light of Christ, we will once again go back to the usual wordly petty bickering, trickery and dishonesty which is the fate of all those who do not see Christ and whose hearts are only in the World (again, see the Pharisees in John 9:16-34 for a clear and emblematic example of what this means).