Wednesday 30 September 2020

What are we supposed to DO?

The short answer is that the general lesson being taught - it seems - to everybody this year of 2020; is the absolute requirement for personal agency. We all must think for and from our-selves; or else we will damn our-selves and also, which is worse; in our interactions we will contribute to damn others.


The basic situation of each 'human being' as a Social Animal is a reality that is being eroded so rapidly that the speed is breathtaking. More to the point society is being eroded with vast social (popular) support (whether active or passive, explicit or tacit). 

Society is turned against itself; social mechanisms are destroying the basis of society.

(I have noticed that in the current mass media, this most fundamental of mortal human needs is trivialised as 'socialising'; as if it were merely one replaceable aspect of 'lifestyle'; something that could be taken up or put down according to fashion or law.)


This leads to the urgent question of how to live, being - as we are - necessarily, unavoidably, and by our very nature societal creatures; yet prevented from one after another of social activities. 

Many individuals (including some known directly to me - not just from the media) have been compelled to live for months, and to die, under forms of solitary confinement illegal among the prison population). 

All this stuff has been done, on the whole with the consent of those persons who were being confined in solitude and isolation, and mostly with the approval of those who (apparently) love them. This consent and approval is very significant; because those who would wish to preserve basic human society are in a situation trying to do so, substantially against the wishes of the mass of people whose conditions are being protected. 

And this is a literally hope-less situation; that ought to be avoided. 

When people are being-oppressed biologically and spiritually, yet these same-people are agitating for more oppression of themselves; then it is futile, and dangerous, to try and intervene. Indeed, such interventions have a tendency to corrupt the intervener, who will typically become angry and hostile against those same people (the 'masses') whose interests he began by defending.


What then are we (those who understand what is going-on, in terms of the spiritual war of God versus Satan)... What are we actually to Do in a world that is one the one hand being condemned to existential death by an obviously evil-affiliated Establishment, and on the other hand where the masses are welcoming such annihilation? In a world of the nihilist leading the nihilist into ever deeper nihilism?

My only answer is to suggest the very opposite of that groupish, impersonal and abstract planning that characterises and motivates the current situation. In other words; what we do needs to come from our own individual discenment and motivation; derived from the divine within us (by virtue of being children of God); and in terms of that spiritual comfort and guidance which is universally available to all who follow Jesus.  

Such will tell 'us' what to do; in which 'us' means each of us specifically and individually, here and now; and where 'do' means actual and immediate things. 

What those things may be is not knowable in advance, because the provenance (the source) of that action is what is primary. 


The only valid action is that comes from each Man knowing himself as a free and autonomous child of God; trusting in that God, and in awareness (hope) of the resurrected life to come. 

We can't be more specific than that, about what such action will be; but we know that such action will be absolutely specific to what is needed by each individual, in those exact circumntance he (currently) finds himself. 

And the results of many such individuals living this way will be the best possible for Man, in his context of eternity.  


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Absolutely spot on.