Friday 13 November 2020

Remember: The buck does Not stop with the agenda of the Global Establishment

It is a snare when we feel a bit smug at knowing 'what is going on' in the world in terms of recognising that it is an agenda - variously described in terms of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030; currently being 'justified' by the birdemic, climate change, antiracism and the sexual revolution. 

It is, of course, an important step to realise that these justifications for social transformation are merely dishonest excuses (to be used as expedient, then dumped when required); and that the 'point' behind it all is to implement a new kind of society. 

(More accurately, a new kind of 'society' - in scare quotes - since real-life actual human society will be all-but destroyed as a part of the plan - individuals will be isolated and contained, and interaction transferred to online. If you don't yet understand this agenda, at least in outline, then it surely about time you informed yourself.)


But for our understanding to arrive at the tiny Global Establishment of multi-billionaires, media and internet moguls etc. who are planning to monitor and control the masses, everywhere and to a fine level of detail - is not to reach the end of the chain of command. Behind the Establishment, manipulating the Establishment - and with a different agenda - is something else.

Because - just as the masses are being propagandised and misled into living by Big Lies; so are the Establishment being propagandised and misled. Behind the Establishment agenda lies the spiritual agenda - the Satanic Agenda. 


The masses have currently chosen to believe the Big Lies that they are being-saved from fake catastrophic threats, just as they previously chose to believe the Lies that they were being-offered an engineered hedonic paradise of peace, comfort, prosperity and fun (sex, drugs, rock-and-roll) in this mortal life. 

In sum, the demotivated and cowardly masses - who reject God, creation, purpose and meaning - have willingly being seduced into an inverted value system; underpinned merely by extreme selfish, short-termism.


Yet the Establishment have also chosen to live by Big Lies - only these are different Lies. Distracted by the satisfaction of manipulating, exploiting and tormenting the masses; scornfully prideful at seeing through the Big Lies They peddle to the gullible masses - the Establishment are themselves also being gullibly manipulated, exploited and tormented... by their Satanic masters. 

This can be seen in many ways and at many levels; but the point I want to make here is that the Great- Reset/ Agenda 2030 is not possible, will not work - and very obviously so. Their Big Plan for The World is airy-fairy, incoherent nonsense. 


There are so many reasons why this is the case, that it seems incredible that the Establishment cannot see it for themselves - but the reason for this extreme self-blindness is ultimately the same reason why the masses are self-blinded and unable to discern the obvious. 

Seduced by their own fantasies; and the pervasiveness and depth of hype/ spin/ propaganda and outright-lies that swamp public discourse - including science, academia, research, economics, engineering, logistics, the media etc - the Establishment grossly overestimates its own capability

And - from exactly the same causes - the Establishment is unable to learn from its own multiple, increasing and cumulative failures.   

The more centralised control the Establishment gain, the worse these failures will become - but the spin/ hype/ propaganda/ lies will expand to keep pace. They will tell themselves that failure is success; and that whatever happens is actually The Plan. 

At no point will they ever acknowledge their own catastrophic non-competence.


Many stories and legends, as well as real world observation, show the discerning Man that this is a universal blindspot among those who have made a deal with Satan: they really expect to get back more than they have traded; they anticipate a big profit from trading with demons; they are convinced that Satan will keep his side of the bargain... They believe the Father of Lies!...


In conclusion, whatever comes to pass over the next weeks, months, years - we can be 100% confident that it will Not be anything like the plans and strategies of the Global Establishment. And we can be confident that - as individuals - Their fate, as servants of purposive evil, living among other such servants - will be horrible (horrible, even by their own depraved standards).   

Evil is self-punishing; and more so the closer people get to direct interaction with the demonic. 

Because at that level; the individuals actually know the reality of God, creation and The Good - know the reality and consciously reject it. 

This has been termed the 'unforgiveable' sin (against the Holy Ghost). This fact is not because some sinful acts 'cannot be forgiven'; but that such individuals have knowingly made a permanent and irreversible commitment to the side of evil; after which commitment they no longer want repentance and forgiveness.


Anyone can - theoretically - repent and be forgiven, and it is never too late for this asking and granting. But... we must ask; and some individuals will never ask. 

They have chosen permanently to become the kind of being who never will ask. 


Note: this freely-chosen act of permanent self-damnation is the flip-side of the choice of permanent commitment to God that leads to following Jesus Christ to resurrected life eternal in Heaven. For Heaven we must choose to live by Love forever. And the opposite choice - forever to reject Love - has the opposite consequence.


Brief Outlines said...

This is perhaps my favorite thing you have written, I love it - and can confirm from my own contemplation and introspection that you are right - "their" plans are hopelessly deluded and will 100% fail. It's just like perpetual machine addicts, they cannot see that their device is fundamentally flawed at the level of ultimate, unchangeable principals, and they carry on with the most absurd excuses because the acceptance of their error is just too painful. The close circle of people around Hitler had a similar fate when it was clear they had lost the war - they killed their children and committed suicide rather than accept that their fantasy was a catastrophic and evil delusion. The same thing will and is happening again.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Amo - Thanks very much - praise indeed!

Bruce Charlton said...

Addendum: A fairly obvious example of innate incompetence is the self-sabotaging nature of The Agenda. In the workplace (medicine, science, academia)over some thirty-fave years, there was a top-down, systematic, progressive reduction in the quality (as well as honesty) of the personnel. The best people were deterred, blocked, not promoted, sacked; spiteful mediocrities were preferred.

Organisations are continually *and increasingly* roiled by the evil agenda.

The entire global workforce has been thus degraded, and also the world leadership - who are nearly all either slefish psychopaths or over-promoted middle-managerial mediocrities.

An example - for 9 months-plus the NHS has all but given-up on medicine, and focused entirely on the birdemic. This has made it inacapable of dealing with even just the birdemic - which barely exists as a problem - so that the entire NHS (the biggest organisation in Europe) is said to be 'unable to cope' with a trickle of birdemic 'cases' (probably annual influenza, since influenza is now pooled with birdemic), and in danger of being overwhelmed.

Just think of it. An organisation employing and served by millions of personnel (supposedly highly skilled and well equipped), has rendered itself incapable of dealing with a small stream of pneumonia cases even when it does othing else!

And this is true, because the *response* to the fake epidemic has paralysed all organisations of every type, so that just buing a cup of coffee has become a major undertaking!

And THIS is the global bureaucracy that is supposed to implement the Establishment Master Plan! Ridiculous.

Karl said...

At my latest re-reading of Huxley's Brave New World, I felt an almost wistful admiration for the capability of the World Controllers.

They learn from their mistakes, as we find out during the Hatchery tour in Chapter One: alternative population policies and conditioning schemes have been tried and found wanting, and what we have now is the fruit of experience.

Later, when the Savage preaches rebellion and manages to start a riot, the authorities promptly mobilize the necessary forces to minimize damage and restore order.

In our actual brave new world of the twenty-first century, when a social policy produces predictably bad effects, the rule is that whatever didn’t work before will be augmented and extended. Then some of those who suffer the resulting anger and despair will be positively encouraged to riot.

A said...

I was at a family farm recently and was amazed and impressed that they were able to manage 500 acres, including livestock, and all the work was done by three adults and modern machines.

Now I fear how quickly we could starve to death if the Great Reset types succeed in shutting things down more, banning the use of petrol, the machines becoming irreparable... and even worse imagine, as a collapse happens, someone decides a group like the NHS needs to take over and manage all the farmland for our safety - then we’d be really in trouble.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MA - Well yes, of course - that's the plan. But this is exactly the kind of perspective and emotion that is a test for us in these days; we absolutely need to avoid falling into this kind of abstract angsty fear - for which there can never be an answer, from which there can never be an escape. If we fall into this fear and do not repent, then Satan has conquered us.

A said...

Thank you Bruce. I need to read that daily, as if it were a new revelation - and not forget!