Wednesday 3 February 2021

The world is getting the reality it has chosen

As I said earlier today; we participate in the creation of reality - and we choose (each of us) the basis of that participation - therefore we (like it or not, and most deny it) are responsible for the basic features of our reality: both individually and en masse

Put simply: By our ultimate (metaphysical) assumptions concerning the nature of reality; so reality is shaped (and there can be no knowable reality without ultimate assumptions). 

Therefore - the basic nature of our reality is a downstream consequence of our structuring assumptions. 

This is what we see all around us. Yes, of course there is an evil (i.e. on-the-side of Satan) Global Establishment that (early in 2020) successfully - and with near-zero opposition - implemented a global totalitarian coup under cover of being the (regrettably necessary) response to the fake birdemic. 

But the fact is that this was overwhelmingly welcomed at the time and since - despite continuing changes in the 'rationale' for the birdemic-'response'; despite massive and obvious dishonesty, despite glaring incoherence of propaganda and regulations.  

And this is a straightforwardly predictable consequence of the decisions people have made, en masse, regarding the nature of the world. You could call it 'justice', or 'karma'; you could call it a punishment... but whatever you call it, we can observe the link between ultimate convictions and outcomes. 

On the one hand, the world is now a very nasty place and getting worse by the week; and on the other hand, the vast majority approve of this nastiness and want it to increase.

Of course, it is the masses who do and will suffer the most (both now, and after death) - and it is natural to want to alleviate the colossal scale of this suffering. Yet, since the suffering is self-wished and self-imposed - and since those with power relish the suffering masses and do everything than can to amplify that suffering; the suffering will surely come.  

In sum; people en masse have chosen to take the side of evil in the spiritual war - have actively repelled their awareness of the fact; and that choice will (naturally) have mass consequences. 

Even more simply: People, globally, are responsible for the qualitative increase in their own suffering since early 2020 (and for the situation which led to that increase). 

If people, globally, do not like their reality, which is based on lies and evil-motivation; they can choose instead to live by a reality that is true and which takes the side of God and the Good.

They must then first identify, then revise their ultimate assumptions.  

It is never too late for this; although the choice gets harder and harder, the longer repentance is delayed; the longer that lies are defended and evil is excused...


Doktor Jeep said...

The suffering can't come soon enough.
Suffering is also a form of justice for the flesh. It's only a pity that most of the masses are too dumb to make the connection.

Bruce Charlton said...

@DJ - I can't say I am looking forward to the prospect at all - not if things turns out the way I suppose they will:

The prospect of billions of dead bodies (and what leads up to that) is one that cannot be looked-forward to.

On the other hand, to *reward* with peace, prosperity and comfort a mass of people who are ever-more explicitly and extremely evil sinners - who hate themselves, their families and their civilization, and covertly yearn for their own extinction... well it couldn't and shouldn't happen: and won't.

MagnusStout said...

I find the awkwardness and tension in the "coin toss scene" from "No Country for Old Men" captures the ennui of post-March 2020 ( ). The sheer inability of the masses (embodied in the shopkeeper) to face Evil (embodied in the character of Chigurh) portends very ill treatment in the future. Spiritually, divine permission seems to have been given to "sift the souls of men." Denial and mockery of the Creator leads to rule by the Chigurhs of the World...

R.J.Cavazos said...

Keep a log--the rate at which things are changing will be faster than your brain is capable Keep a log to eliminate doubt and see the totality of the change--and it aint for the good....

Joseph A. said...

Unfortunately perspicacious

Bruce Charlton said...

Charlie has left a comment:

They say that Evil announces its intentions so the people must consciously CHOOSE Evil.

As you have pointed out, Bruce, all the lies of the "pandemic" are obvious and blatant. The people aren't really fooled, at least not deep down. They know this is evil and they are actively choosing to go along with it.

But just in case anyone is missing it, the Evil perpetrators make sure to make it EXTRA OBVIOUS with outright mockery...

[Note: I don't like to publish topical news stories or links]

jas said...

I don't know if you have already addressed this before, but isn't part (or much) of the problem that the people who are unwittingly pushing this evil on us are those that really do believe that they are doing 'Good' and have the correct assumptions? I.e. all those scientists (and I exclude people like Witty, Vallance, Gates etc), NHS employees, teachers and journalists etc, that seriously believe that there is a health crisis and that we need to close down the economy, stop people from seeing their families, take vaccines for the protection of others etc?

In other words, there may be a more sinister plan at the 'top', but the reason why it's working is because people think they are genuinely doing good and they are making this their reality? In terms of the people I know, it is the ones who have always been nice 'do-gooders', and who have always seemed to have an interest in others/wider society, who are taking this so seriously and are not questioning basic facts.

Does this mean we cannot rely on our own assumptions on what 'Good' is and should instead rely on authority, e.g. Bible and other Christian writings?

Bruce Charlton said...

@jas - It's easy to discern evil, now (more so than ever) - if you keep your head clear of the distractions and are prepared to recognise that evil is dominant almost everywhere. (I have elsewhere mentioned the 2020 litmus tests, which are quick, simple and seem very reliable.)

You can think of it in terms of means and ends. Good pursues its ends via good means - evil, vice versa.

Those who lie are evil. This is confirmed when liars do not repent, but double down on lies.

Those who are on the side of good will monitor to see whether what they do leads to the desired results; those whose motives are evil do not learn from experience, because the bad results are actually the real aim.

Those who have good aims will not systematically inculcate fear, resentment and despair - because these are sins.

Any one of the above are sufficient to identify evil, and the list could be added to.