Tuesday 15 March 2022

Which kind of evil is worse?

I have often posted on the progression of evil from Luciferic - traditional selfish evil; through Ahrimanic - bureaucratic evil; to Sorathic - chaotic evil. 

(For those who know The Lord of the Rings, the sequence can be seen going through to completion with de facto suicide in the character of Saruman.)  

That part of the world known as The West is well advanced in Ahrimanic evil, with its establishment of a System of omni-surveillance and micro-control in service of value-inversion

But, because the mass of the population are Godless (even when they self-identify as Christian) this mature, advanced, more-evil type of evil has remained all-but invisible, undetectable - indeed its reality is denied and it is instead asserted as Good (due to the value-inversion made possible by anti-Christian atheism).  

The progressed evil of Ahriman works by a pretense of being and doing Good, concealed by that pseudo-concern and feigned-niceness, empathy and compassion; which is all-but universal among public figures. 

Because so many (especially of the managerial and 'expert' classes) are assimilated to this way of thinking - gross evils have become undetectable, denied or even boasted of and propagated. 

A clear example is the brain-washing, poisoning, mutilation, sexual grooming, and trafficking of children - that goes on under the 'caring' label of the transagenda. And those who dissent from such historically-unprecedented systemic vileness are themselves labelled as evil!

Meanwhile, the Western masses are trained to recognize only Luciferic evil, mostly using the single dishonestly-selective and -projected, dishonestly-honed and -crafted, example of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany - the consequence of which means that Nazis are detected and opposed everywhere among enemies of The System - except (apparently) where they actually exist! 

Thus the evils of The West are invisible to The Western populace, hence increasing without limit because they are regarded as good; whereas the more 'blatantly' Luciferic parts of the world, who are actually less advanced in evil - still retain some significant ability to detect and acknowledge evil (and thus a greater possibility of self-limitation or even repentance). 

This makes The West the most evil part of the world. 

Which is why the most advanced, chaotic, Sorathic type of evil is currently making its greatest strides in The West. 


William Wildblood said...

The restriction of evil to the material plane and the near complete ignorance of spiritual evil is what makes the modern West the most spiritually sinful civilisation known to history.

Bruce Charlton said...

@jorgen - Not really so.

For instance; the birdemic lockdowns and social distancing were anti-sex; and the sexual atmosphere now is (for most people) considerably less 'liberated' (and subject to more, and more severe sanctions) than at various other times/ places in the past 60 years.

The thing to recognize about leftism - as the primary vehicle of purposive evil - is that it is not 'for' any particular thing. It will take up and discard positive goals - like socialism, equality, sexual liberation, feminism, environmentalism, healthism, pacifism etc; without worry about priorities or contradictions.

Because evil (and hence leftism) is oppositional in nature. Oppositional to God, creation and the Good. Evil will evolve in whatever direction is currently (or strategically) expedient to oppose Good.

Lady Mermaid said...

"Thus the evils of The West are invisible to The Western populace, hence increasing without limit because they are regarded as good;"

This underscores the frightening reality of today's world. Any sin can be forgiven as long as one seeks repentance. However, if one regards evil as truly being good, repentance is nearly impossible. This is what Jesus meant by stating that all sins against the Son can be forgiven but not sins against the Spirit. If anyone's moral compass is so skewed that they sincerely in their heart of hearts believe that child mutilation is good, they will reject heaven regardless of the circumstances. We must pray for a softening of hearts towards creation.

Stephen Macdonald said...

The transition from Ahrimanic to Sorathic becomes more palpable by the day. Despite everything we now know, I'm still shocked at how chaotically inevitable our collapse has become. Whether thermonuclear war or something even worse, our species is in the midst of an avalanche -- unpredictable and unstoppable.