Saturday 2 July 2022

Revelation is innate, but usually inaccessible

If we desire revelation, divine knowledge and guidance; it seems best to recognise that we already have it. But inaccessible. Our problem is becoming aware of it, recognizing it (then, of doing it). 

This is a problem of expectation. We expect to be overwhelmed and compelled, whereas to modern adults revelation needs to be sought and chosen. We expect revelations to come as language or visions or signs... But these are symbolic and indirect, and easily explained away by modern Man.

Now, revelation comes directly into thinking, whenever we are motivated and aligned in harmony with God... Whenever we ask the right questions and acknowledge the given answers.

Since our God is parent and we God's child, revelation is bespoke... for our exact life - very seldom for the use of others. Seldom is there need to formulate in words, or discuss, debate, argue.

Seeking confidence or clarity is merely by continuing revelation, which either affirms and is consistent with, or else contradicts and refutes.

The key point to bear in mind is that God - continuing creator - has ensured that all his children have what they need spiritually for salvation and to learn lessons towards Heaven. Any significant long term problems about accessing revelation are coming from us.

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