Monday 11 July 2022

Why do people continue to talk about Establishment leaders - such as Boris Johnson - as if they were ordinary human beings?

Self-identified Christians are among the worse offenders - trying to prove their compassionate non-judgmentalism etc. 

But this is not about 'loving your enemies' - this is about refusing to acknowledge God's enemies - and thereby taking the side against Him. 

This is not about 'hating the sin but loving the sinner' - rather it is about failing to acknowledge the reality of demonic affiliation and service - and therefore indirectly loving the sin. 

The UK Prime Minister has recently (apparently, sort-of) been forced to resign; and much of the discussion leading-up-to and following this is rooted in the absurd assumption that BoJo is a normal human being; rather than a humanoid husk channeling Satan's instructions.

I speak with some authority as having met and talked with Boris when he still was a human being - so I can see with absolute clarity that the body and mind currently thus identified is merely a corrupted shell, a crude simulation of a human person. 

Yet, surely this ought to be clear to the meanest intelligence?  BoJo is not a normal human being, and nor are the other snake- or zombie-eyed personnel who inhabit the world of public discourse. 

What they actually are varies: some are perhaps not even human, some are possessed by evil spirits to varying degrees, others are burnt-out and shriveled, ineffectual human souls powerless to resist the evil influences they agreed to allow access. 

So let us, once and for all, stop trying to pretend that we are dealing with normal human beings, who have normal motivations and responses, capable of normal emotions...

(Not that 'normal' humans are any good nowadays; just not so directly-connected to devils' simulations and instructions.) 

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Rainforest Giant said...

Some people are afraid of being ruled by the obvious puppets they will ignore the obvious evidence. The Podesta brothers love for homoerotic murder art didn't start from a human mind. Others don't want to be the one who says the emperor is naked. Their friends are clapping like seals when the media touts the latest and greatest ridiculous scheme. Drag your kids to pride, shutting down power plants in Germany, plowing up farmland in the Netherlands are all beyond parody, yet it still happens.

Maybe because I have seen miracles or maybe I am or was sensitive, I'm no longer spiritually sensitive as I used to be. But it's as clear as glass the true leaders are all deeply compromised.