Saturday 9 July 2022

The demonic tactic of getting people to double-down on evil

Given that the world is dominated by demon-serving (mostly-) human beings; it is likely that - in the spiritual war - even apparently-good policies are of evil intent; and may have net-evil outcomes. 

Thus what looks like a demonic defeat may be turned into their partial victory. 

As CS Lewis explains from the perspective of a devil in his Screwtape books; getting people damned is a difficult business, because ultimately they must want to be damned. 

Expressing evil ideas, doing evil acts is insufficient - the demons need to ensure that these are not repented.  

In other words; people must think or do something evil, and then double-down on it

This may be the correct interpretation of those rare, 'good', public policies that are approved by Christians. 

Such policies probably do not make a difference to those who are already on the side of God. And their effect on the undecided could go either way.

But the primary demonic intent in such cases is probably to ensure that those who oppose good policies, become active in their opposition to good - that they convince themselves that evil is actually good

For instance; the recent US change to abortion rules does not affect Christian attitudes; but seems to have led to a highly-significant doubling-down on pro-abortion attitudes; to the point that abortion is apparently seen (by more people than ever, more strongly than ever) as a core moral principle; a positive, desirable thing that ought to be encouraged and facilitated in every possible way. 

Such is the nature of public discourse in these end times: specific good may be turned to encourage overall evil outcomes. This does not mean that we should resist good policies; but it does mean that Christians need to discern the intent and effect such policies actually-have (and are meant to have) on those already affiliated to evil. And adjust our public responses accordingly. 


Fen Tiger said...

a highly-significant doubling-down on pro-abortion attitudes

I'm really not sure that polling results are trustworthy in any way: the polling companies are regime media through and through.

Bruce Charlton said...

@FT - Indeed, but I have not seen any polls.

whitney said...

I don't need to see polls either. I can watch the videos of people who are now saying it's a baby and I don't care and have totally abandoned the clump of cells line. This is definitely ramping up to accepting murder of your children as an overall good. And I think it's similar to the peck. Despite rampant coercion, the authors of the vaccine madness can still fall back on "well it was your choice to take it" and that seems to be the goal. To get all people to acquiesce to evil. Which takes you right back to the destruction of the soul. Don't fear those that can destroy the body. Remember the example of Christ, and of the Saints and that you are a pilgrim here and your true home is in heaven.

Iain M said...

This is a striking and penetrating observation about how evil grips the human mind. This recent American example is a paradigm case of the sheer derangement of evil in which certain humans can, through transparent falsehoods, self-evident hypocrisies and psychotic hatreds, clamour for the continuation of the industrialised death of innocents and still believe they stand in defence of justice and the goodness of humanity. The moral inversion is absolute. There is no further to travel.

Bruce Charlton said...

A main point here was to include that Christians often misinterpret the purpose of policies/ legislation of which they approve; and by misinterpreting, Christians unintentionally play into the hands of the demons.

e.g. It may be fine to celebrate good policies, but Christians need also to bear in mind that their public celebrating may be part of the demonic plan, and intended to contribute towards evil outcomes.

Joseph A. said...

Interesting observation. It reminds me of how you must in human relationships deal with certain matters delicately -- such as when your friend or family member is "on the edge," so to speak, of making a bad decision. You definitely don't want to force a choice prematurely. You rather allow your loved one time to meander, hopefully gaining some insight and knowledge on the way, before having to choose -- and therefore being in a better position to choose wisely.

On the other hand, there are people in the "undecided" camp who may benefit from the stark contrast that results from forcing an issue. I offer the recent and quite shocking case of Naomi Wolf (see this brief post on Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's blog: No one from 20 years ago could have imagined her saying what she is saying now. Revealing unadulterated, naked evil appears to be reviving more and more heretofore zombiefied people. And nothing arouses the demonic like resistance (which now often manifests as dissent from the prevailing secular powers).

Bruce Charlton said...

@JA - I read that too. It seems she has become a serious practicing Jew - rather as "Spengler" (David Goldman) did. The benefit in discernment is clear.