Saturday 9 July 2022

Totalitarianism is the worst option - the absolute need to reject spiritual enslavement

World War III is not only here, it is the better option for humanity. Submission is not an option and will avail those who do literally nothing. Even the proverbial Rider on the Red Horse is preferable to global enslavement to the very worst and most wicked members of the human race and their spiritual masters.

Vox Day

My understanding is that the collapse of world civilization is inevitable. If true, and the die is cast; this means that the outcome is unavoidable, and our choices are (merely!) between short-term versus long-term considerations. 

We now know that a dominant part of the global establishment wish to make a totalitarian world of spiritual (via physical) enslavement - of omni-surveillance and micro-control; motivated by the objective of mass spiritual damnation. 

Physical enslavement leads to spiritual enslavement only in an ideological (not religious) world where materialism is regarded as true - which is why materialism has been built-into our civilization.

Totalitarianism is thus the worst option for the world now (and, conversely, the preferred option - Plan A - for the purposively-evil Beings that (mostly-)control this world.

We should therefore be prepared to suffer and die - if necessary, and it will be for some - to avoid that outcome. 

Ideally, the best and most positive prospect would be a mass Christian awakening; leading first to stopping, then rolling-back and replacing, the worldwide progression of this totalitarian vision...  

But there is no sign that this is happening - quite the reverse; and anyway, it is probably too late. 

The System is vast, and what seems like lethal damage is in-place. 

The likeliest prospect is that The System will collapse - at first gradually (already happened), then accelerating (that is where we are now), and then with breakneck rapidity as positive feedback sets-in. 

The Global Establishment have done their best deniably to inflict fatal damage on the world economy at a macro-level, but especially the Western economy; especially food and fuel supplies, trade and transport...

And at a micro-level all social institutions (manufacture, law, administration, education, health, military, police, the churches etc) have been top-down degraded, made grossly inefficient (by bureaucracy), and repurposed to leftist-political rather than functional - ends. 

If a divided (multi-polar) world does ensue, and if the non-West survives the collapse of The West; then the collapse in the non-West will be ameliorated and delayed - but not by much; unless there is a Christian awakening. 

Let's assume that these Establishment plans come to fruition and that soon there will be a social breakdown without sufficient food, heat, transport, medical supplies, manufactured goods etc; and probably with increased violence and high levels of disease, poisoning etc. 

At this point The System will offer itself as Saviour - to provide the frightened, suffering and dying population with... well, at least partial solutions to the problems that they themselves have created. 

Partial solutions, but at a price....

At this point; The System will offer what may be the only immediately-available possibility of food, electricity, protection etc... But it will offer these at a minimal level, and at a high cost. 

And that high cost will not just be in money, nor just in personal freedom - there will be a spiritual price to pay.  

There will be encouragement for people to be grateful to a System that provides shelter and warmth, a little food, some more-or-less potable water, a few medicines for a few days... 

Indeed, people may be encouraged to love The System! 

I saw this during the birdemic, when the imprisoned population of the UK were allowed outside for a few minutes in order voluntarily to applaud en masse (with gratitude, and a kind-of love) The National Health Service! 

This really happened, I saw it myself several times. 

Indeed, the weird loyalty and quasi-love that so many British people feel for The NHS - such that people refer to the NHS as if synonymous with medicine and "health-care" - is a pioneer instance of the kind of System-love   

Meanwhile; this same System is propagating and enforcing a negative ideology of pure materialism; of of the ultimate evil of value-inversion; and leading to a life of officially-inculcated fear, resentment and despair; and (They hope) terminated by death embraced as welcome annihilation. 

Meanwhile; anyone who resists the ideology, who protests against the evils of The System, who embraces the way of Jesus Christ - will be demonized, excluded, punished;  for subverting that which provides - taking the roofs off our heads, the gas from our heating, the foods from our mouths, essential medicines from those who are sick.

Some such choice will comes to all of us - if it has not already done so. 

This is why we simply Must understand the purposive evil of our rulers

We must understand in order to reject. 

When we are freezing, starving, in pain - it is unlikely (and unnecessary) that we should refuse the short-term 'help' of The System for ourselves and for our loved-ones. After all, there are always grounds for hope - we do not know the future

Yet it is spiritually-vital that we do not take the further step of defending, supporting, sustaining The System; as if it really was our Saviour... We must not fall-into neglecting, denying or forgetting that the demons and their human servants and slaves actually desire and have planned-for our suffering; want us dead and damned; and that the totalitarian New World Order is their Plan A for achieving this goal.   

This is what Vox Day's quote above refers to; that grasping at short-term security is spiritually the worst possible option; worse even than a world war - given that war often brings out the best in some people, as well as facilitating the worst. 

War, indeed, may be the best available spiritual possibility for some individuals who have consistently refused to learn from pleasant experiences and have fallen-into evil - and who may respond to harsher lessons from their mortal lives in order to clarify their choices for eternity. 

And a war may be the necessary price to pay for some of the world to have a better outcome; and (on some, rather unlikely, scenarios) it is also possible that the incomplete domination of the New World Order may be a source of hope for an enslaved West. 

We probably cannot prevent or escape global civilizational collapse; and sooner or later will have the physical consequences inflicted upon us. 

But we each of us can (and nobody else can) discern and reject evil. 

We may also ensure that we trust in God, learn from whatever experiences come to us, and die with the determination to follow Jesus Christ to resurrected life in Heaven. 

The possibility of salvation is open to anyone who is prepared to do what is necessary; and open only to such persons. 

And then, mortal life ceases to be the ultimate value; and (whatever it may do to our mortal bodies and to this physical earthly world) The System loses its ultimate power over our spirits. 


William Wildblood said...

Nothing to add. I just want to say that this is a superb article. Thanks.

Jakub said...

What you described is essentially a recapitulation of the crucial episodes spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Yes, today's "civilization" will collapse rapidly, and then the Antichrist - who will be publicly revealed as the quasi-messianic head of The System - will offer the terrified masses the prospect of restoring earthly comforts to them at the price of accepting the Mark of the Beast. Thus the final separation between the wheat and the chaff will commence. The only Christian awakening left is the one that will be induced by God directly by means of the global Illumination of Conscience - i.e., the opportunity given to every human being to see himself as God sees him, with all one's merits and sins revealed to one's inner sight in a perfectly transparent manner. At that moment, many will fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness, while the remainder will consciously declare themselves on the side of supernatural evil. Thus the final separation will conclude and the ground will be prepared for the Final Judgment.

Iain M said...

A timely and powerful warning for Christians everywhere. Thank you.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks for the appreciative comments.

Jakub - You will notice, however, that I emphasize this as a matter of personal choice and responsibility, something we essentially do to ourselves.