Friday 31 March 2023

How does the blanket mind-control system work?

A thread over at Project Avalon made me return, yet again, to the question of how the blanket mind-control system works nowadays? 

On the one hand, there was a decades-long strategic preparation of the masses - and especially the intellectual-managerial classes - to be ready to receive the control system. 

On the other hand, there are tactical and immediate mechanisms by which the control is directed at specific attitudes and beliefs. 

Also there is an underlying spiritual - or anti-spiritual - aspect to this system of control; on the other hand, it is instantiated by material means. 

And the system must be simple-enough to be fast and reliable; while complex enough to be not-too-obvious, and to have fall-back or back-up aspects such that a simple denial or specifci resitance does not allow anybody to escape the Matrix. 

There must also be sufficient complexity that the individual seems to see the same message, wherever he turns (rather than emanating from one locatable direction). 

So - does anyone want to make a try at encapsulating, with reasonable brevity, the nature and workings of our blanket mind-control system, as it is in 2023?



Howard Vie said...

The ecology of ideas (and motivations). Humans are pack animals. The need to be receptive to others ideas for survival. To create useful (co-operative and ecologically successful) motivations in their minds. This receptivity allows ideas to flow around the world like waves in water. But it is also possible for individuals to throw ideas into the world like stones into a pool. Some ideas spread and multiply. Why are they received so readily? Sex n' drugs n' rock and roll? Not being thrown out of the tribe? In an ecology there might be short term success (outstripping new resources) then longer term re-equilibrium. The transmission of ideas must be greatly affected by modern media - an ever greater speed of propogation.

To try to answer your question, I suppose it is possible to have an agriculture of ideas. Modern governments and media sow ideas (fear, duty) which find ready acceptance in the fields of men's minds.
But fields which have already been gone over for a few generations now. The mechanism is waves and wash of ideas. In the fish, farm swim with the prevailing current and you will be fed.

william arthurs said...

One model for this description might be Ernest Gellner's Words and Things (1959). Gellner characterised the Oxford-style linguistic philosophy of that period (inspired by Wittgenstein) as a non-falsifiable system like Marxism, impervious to empirical refutation. The idea is that, whenever you offer an objection to their point of view, the people who have adopted this system always have a pat answer, and it quickly gets annoying. In those days it would have been Wittgenstein fans, who trawled through his (almost entirely posthumous) laconic publications in search of the wisdom of the master. Indeed my late philosophy tutor was one of these, conducting impromptu seances in a corner of the room during tutorials "to find out what Wittgenstein would have thought".

I haven't seen my copy of this book since I moved house, but this seems like a well-argued and comprehensive review. The problem is that a philosophy isn't empirically falsifiable in the Popperian sense, which seems to be Gellner's criticism: its inadequacy must be demonstrated by a different method. But that is not why I mention this book. It is a model for how to describe the strange twists and turns of ideas that adherents seem pre-programmed to follow in an attempt to defend the theory. Gellner describes it (maybe he even provides a diagram, I can't remember) as like a fort, with battlements, fortifications, castellation, underground tunnels, etc which represents a system of beliefs around which adherents can move.

It's possible Gellner's later book about the 20th c. psychoanalytic movement is better in one sense, as mentioned in that review -- the choice of target is fair, ie. an all-encompassing world-view, with staunch adherents invested in it, purporting to derive its empirical power and prestige from medical science, and yet concealing a strange new morality...

John Goes said...

I’ll try: Luciferic forces have enticed people to neglect their thinking and find their fulfillment in the material/electric world. The Ahrimanic have enlisted ideologues and wannabe bureaucrats to pervert the material/electronic infrastructure of world into the current state. And finally, by 2023, the Sorathic forces have been given the reigns of that system.

There is a demon-allied human hierarchy that implements this materially. These demon-allied humans have various reactions and counter-reactions to the demonic messages themselves (which are themselves “controllable” and usable by the demons that interface with them), and propagate their filtered understanding and reactions through the media they control. The effect is a kaleidoscope of messages all emanating from the demonic, but which may be superficially diverse because of the human collaboration with the demonic. If any one part of this mind control is somehow discredited it is cannibalized by the rest, and re-incorporated into the same system, ad nauseum.

No Longer Reading said...

I believe that the detailed workings of the mind control system are complex because it is so widespread and so many people are involved. But, the underlyling principles are simple.

I believe that the main thing is you need to (in various ways) dull people's discernment by dulling all three of intellect, instinct, and intuition. You had a good post discussing that in 2021 (

Epimetheus said...

Wailing and screaming and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness. There seems to be a Satanic bargain about it all. If you take on the system’s propaganda, you will be given an endless list of imaginary enemies to wail about and gnash your teeth at. “If you watch us and believe, we will tell you about motes in other peoples eyes forever and ever.”

TJ said...

I accept the old Aristotelian notion that to persuade, one must appeal to ethos, pathos and logos. They targeted all three of these levels during the birdemic.

The main pathos they targeted were fear (the birdemic will take out your family soon) and shame/outrage (the unpecked kill others). They also employed dystopian images and symbols to evoke pathos (freezer trucks for corpses, men in hazmat suits, overflowing morgues).

In terms of ethos, they portrayed the decision makers as doctors and scientists who are high IQ, benevolent and wholesome. In TV interviews, the scientists come off as rational, calm, reasonable. Meanwhile, the media portrayed conspiracy theorists as IQ 80 murderers.

Finally, in terms of logos, they used a couple basic syllogisms to persuade the masses (for example: all people must decrease birdemic spread; therefore, all people must keep 2m distance, wear mask, stay home).

My point is that looking at the mind control operation through the lense of ethos, pathos, and logos sheds light on their tactics.

Tobias said...

The following is how I have been thinking lately. The outer body is a kind of house for the mind & soul and most who define themselves inside one will make moral decisions and be captain of themselves. for theosis - for the self as 'the armor of God'

The globalists have set up alternatives: to have 'the head to be captain of the body' or 'to be at one with the universe'.

Now two things are added by the wannabe brainwasher, putting three things in parallel: to bodies/souls, front-doors/property and borders/cultures are added. Globalist demonic instincts tell them weakening one will weaken the others. Which is why attacking any or all these barriers is what they do.

The result of their policies are that under the left, most people get more selfish, poorer, personalities weaken & merge, and there is only fake 'multiculturalism. A zombification, as it were.

Finally the gravy is poured on top. the idea history - which is full of these things - is the story of badness. making these three barriers undesirable. And the collective West largely believes the whole thing. They take seriously that leftists will use 'openness' & 'diversity' to end history which itself will protect 'openness' & 'diversity'. Yes, these people dimly glimpse a future that when their moral selves are extinguished but also that their pain will be too.

Mia said...

Parenting/family dynamics and lack thereof seems like the place to look to me. Easy to reject the ultimate family when you have little fondness for your own.

ben said...

Whatever the case may be, it involves an effect in which the 'leaders' are getting more deathly in line with the population they're feeding evil to because they're all part of the same increasingly deathly population; people are increasingly desensitised to the severity of the deathliness (which is their drug), and more severely deathly people are being born. So people are eager for the next, more unnatural thing, to be filled with.

Think about the dynamics of a literal pointy-hat covention and it makes sense. Who chooses to join it? Why? Are they 'content' with the current level of evil or will they always be greedy for more?

So I'm looking at the Head 'pointy-hatted individuals' coming up with increasingly perverse ideas to feed a population that's looking to be harbouring perverse ideas. At the same time, the lower-ranking pointy-hatted individuals come up with their own perverse behaviours that require less intelligence to come up with. They feel their way towards deathliness, and those with the intelligence absorb deathly abstract ideas from (relatively) intelligent leaders.

Serhei said...

Sadly, I think it's as simple as this: people who don't have an intuitive grounding, who discount any divine inner or outer voice, can't imagine what it's like not to trust some authority. When the authority is Sorathic this produces a veritable feedback loop: the authority acts in a destructive and abusive manner to create problems, people sense the problems, they cling to the authority all the more intensely because they think they 'need' it to protect them from the problems. When there is no longer a choice of authorities, society changes from a system of competing factions into a single mind-controlled whole. I've literally been told "but if X is wrong/not-to-be-trusted, then there is no hope".

The second principle is the release-valve of fake-rebellion, which lets people 'act out' in a controlled manner based on a feeling that things are wrong, without spiritually letting go of the safety-blanket that has been strangling them. I see a lot of bloggers who are 'permitted' to express forbidden ideas on several litmus tests, as long as they push the official answer on some other litmus test as hard and as frequently as possible. Such get promoted. You thus have a 'choice' of dissident communities you may 'join' and resist one matter with like-minded people at the 'reasonable' cost of displaying your obeisance on some other matter.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks to everybody who commented for a really interesting set of explanations.

(Including NLR, who reminded me of a previous attempt of mine to discuss this matter - which made points that I was neglecting and found helpful in my current explorations.)

lea said...

For me it starts with Francis's post here, which is relevant to anyone that ever uttered the word 'spiritual';

As long as we do not integrate science with spirituality, we will be stuck in this quagmire.
There are bookshelves to be written about the details, but i can't zoom in to name any particular culprit. The current AI craze is a perfect example of the Veda's 'horses pulling the cart'.

As a one-liner goes; 'people are trained to not believe in themselves'.

James said...

In one word, fear.

1 - destroy belief is self and/or that others are smarter so they know what is best for you. This starts from a young age with continual reinforcement.

2 - Create a bubble or artificial environment that rewards you for believing the lies. The more you believe and play along the more success and stability you are given.

3 - Continual repetition of the lies To reinforce the artificial environment needed for everyone.

4 - By the time you realize you've been lied to, you are invested in the system. It costs too much by the time you have any chance to fight it.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

We are inherently lazy. If we hear something from enough directions it is easier to accept and parrot the idea. Especially if we have questioned the idea or even earlier ideas from those same sources and found ourselves beat down by the denial and arguments of others. Despite how ridiculous, illogical, or instinctually wrong the argument may be. The lies work in the artificial world we have created for most, as long as the bubble stays intact. We are rewarded for belief in the untrue as it appears to be true in many peoples day to day life. Then suffer ostracization, financial penalties, etc when questioning these ideas. Carrot and stick.

This ties into us being social herd animals. We have a fear of not belonging to the group. Being a part of the group at the expense of yielding to this one small falsehood is safer and contributes to our survival. They slowly build over time. Just one more. Always, one more.

In short, it is easier to allow someone else to think for you, especially if you lack any belief in yourself. That belief is chipped away through organizations and institutions from the time we are born. Then by the time you have any opportunity or ability to finally think and question you are beat down or in a position of losing too much by questioning the sheer number of lies you have been forced to believe.

Simplistic. But that is, in my opinion, the general outline.