Friday 10 March 2023

We need a theory-Of-everything - but we don't need a theory For everything

We need a theory-of-everything - but we don't need a theory for everything. 

Yet a Theory For Everything is the implicit demand of mainstream discourse. 

We need a theory of everything; because an understanding that there is a Good and loving personal God, who has purposes that provide the many meanings of this our mortal life...

Because a grasp of this theory-of-everything is what underpins our deep sense of direction and motivation we must have if we are not to become the tools of wicked-affiliated Men and the supernatural powers of evil. 

But we do not need a theory for every little, or big, thing that happens in our lives and in the world today. 

We do not need to know why They do what They do, nor do we need to predict and recognize ever-thing they do, in order to live well. 

We expend far too much effort in striving to find or generate a theory to 'explain' every little thing in our personal lives, or every phenomenon that is reported in The News; every announcement and change imposed by politicians, managers and pundits. 

All this type of discourse is what I am calling the socio-cultural demand for a theory for everything. 

This type of micro-argument, proof and counter-proof, evidence and refutation, hypothesis and anti-hypothesis, weighing and considering etc. constitutes 99.9% of our public discourse and private conversation.

(Plus 99.9% of it is dishonest and misleading - designed to manipulate rather than enlighten.) 

This stuff is not just a waste of time and a displacement of effort; it entails a fundamental loss of that profound, strategic, purposive, consciously-chosen and sensitive direction and mode of living which we absolutely need to make if we are to survive this pervasive public world of evil-intent. 

I do not need to know exactly why They have done or said This, nor do I need to know how exactly the did it, nor do I need to predict what their precise plans will be nor their timescale. 

All these are mere eddies in the river of living - surface disturbances that are real, but trivial in the context of eternity. 

We need only be aware of navigating past the counter-currents of evil, whirlpools to hell, sharp rocks of despair when we encounter them and on the basis of our inner guidance. 

We cannot possibly know the cause or predict the advent of every splash and ripple; and while we are trying to discover and explain them, we will swept over the weir. 

What we Do need; is to be operating from our own inner, divine-connected, creation-harmonious, tidal current - that divinely-sustained way of living which (whatever our short-term trials and errors) makes any river a rising river; and which ensures that we will, sooner or later, be lifted above all possible hazards.


My name is Matt said...

I know you've put forward the idea that us moderns are increasingly cutoff from group consciousness. But man, when a post like this and others from the last few days resonate so with a situation I am experiencing, I wonder if perhaps more of that group consciousness remains than we might know. Or perhaps certain factions of evil are coordinating their resources & actions such that posts like these can feel highly relevant and individually applicable across the globe. Either way, worth pondering.

Thank you for keeping up writing like this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Matt - Well, I regard group consciousness as real - and indeed primary.

But we no longer experience it spontaneously (as did earlier Men, and ourselves in early childhood) and it no longer dominates/ overwhelms our behaviour.

(Although it can appear in phenomena such as synchronicity, which is maybe what you have experienced. But most moderns find it easy consciously to write-off synchronicities as meaningless coincidences, to be ignored.)

So, I believe the group consciousness is something we ought to seek actively and consciously; and regard as of vital importance. We benefit from it with 'direct knowing', contribute to it whenever we are 'heart-thinking' (or primary thinking) from our real self.