Monday 20 March 2023

Not Even Wrong... the mainstream modern Leftist Establishment ideology is essentially just a series of PSYOPS

We anti-leftists - including serious Christians - are prone to criticize mainstream modern Leftist Establishment ideology for being wrong: for propounding Fake New based on Big Lies. 

But the problem is much deeper, and much worse, than this suggests. The problem is that mainstream ideology is incoherent such that reality and truth have merely temporary and expedient meanings; so that (from the inside) 'reality' makes no sense, and 'truth' is grossly inconsistent. 

So, the root problem is incoherence not wrongness; and the incoherence is so extreme that a categorization of 'wrong' is merely an option, just an opinion in a world where the only opinions that matter are those backed by power, wealth or status. 

Therefore, the deep problem is - for examples - Global Warming, the transagenda or the birdemic-peck strategies; is that they are Not Even Wrong - that they do not even rise to the level of wrongness. 

If they are Not Even Wrong, what are they? The answer is that they function primarily as PSYOPS - intentionally harmful mass psychological manipulations. 

Therefore - since these Litmus Test issues are at the heart of modern Western (and, largely, global) governance; we can infer that the major thrust of leadership is implicitly encouraging/ compelling billions of people align their thinking and feelings to incoherent nonsense.  

If we can then understand PSYOPS as the basic motivation of mainstream ideology; the distinctive nature of evil in the modern world may become clearer. 


The Anti-Gnostic said...

Remember the charming old Get Smart! TV series? Secret Agent Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 battling the forces of CHAOS--what a name.

And here we are, in a single lifetime since the Get Smart! TV series, and a malevolent globalist organization that worships CHAOS seeks to exert its awful will. Would Mel Brooks in his wildest imaginings have conceived such a thing?! And no straight-arrow Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 or Chief types to stand up for us. I laugh to keep from weeping.

I have literally lost friends over this. They cannot believe that everything has changed and we are in up to our necks in an awful fight. This, in my opinion, is behind the ideological conservatives' and ideological liberals' hatred of Donald Trump. The collapse of the ideological dialectic and the ushering in of a territorial/umbilical dialectic has made people lose their minds. I wonder if Rome and Constantinople also had normie-loyalists wandering around, dazed and half-mad, watching their civilization collapse.

Your critique of my focus on the social/political plane is well-taken, but this is the margin at where this spiritual crisis manifests. I am still recovering from the utter collapse of the former hierarchical Christian order, so I am fumbling my way along with the rest of us.

Bruce Charlton said...

@A-G - My earliest memories of TV (after 'Watch with Mother') are of US comedy shows like Get Smart, Gilligan's Island, and Hiram Holliday. I loved them at the time, but then we only had about 90 minutes of TV per day, and I loved pretty much everything (except The News).

I don't think there has ever been any situation fundamentally like there is n the West now; and the historical parallels or analogies are therefore superficial. Our civilization is *actively* being destroyed by its leaders, over a timescale of many decades.

The starkest symptom is reproduction and demographics. This picture painted by decades long trends is quite extraordinary and reveals not just a deep-rooted and chronic despair, but an active (albeit covert) suicidality.

This is why politics cannot solve anything - politics is just a means, and the problem is much deeper - being motivational.

James said...

People do not believe where we are at because they are rewarded for believing the lies. We have reached, as a species, a level of understanding of our environment that we can, for a time, suspend nature. So those with power, influence, etc can reward and reinforce behavior that would be deadly outside the bubble.

I believe other societies leaders in history attempted the same. However, they lacked the technology and ability to manipulate our perceived reality to the extent possible today. That is the difference. The intent was the same. So, in many ways the parallels and analogies are valid. There re just more tools at the disposal of those desiring power. The fundamental goal is the same as always.