Friday 15 December 2023

Awareness versus knowledge of Beings

It seems like a high priority that we acknowledge that this is a living and conscious "universe", which (I think) means that creation is constituted by a multitude of Beings. 

Therefore, at some level, we need to experience this reality; which seems to mean some kind of personal awareness of Beings. 

In other words; when we contemplate or look-out-upon the world; we ought to know that this is made up of Beings; this includes the mineral and plant, as well as animal and human, realms. And it includes that many of these are Beings are immaterial: spiritual in nature. . 

This business of becoming aware of this reality-of-beings should probably be regarded as a separate matter from "contacting" (including potentially communicating with) Beings. 

Insofar as we do make personal contact with the multitude of non-human and not-incarnated Beings (including spiritual Beings) we probably ought to focus upon what might be termed "social" contacts with Beings of various kinds. These are rather analogous to the low-level but frequent communications between people that occur in casual everyday life (interactions with people at work, in shops, on line - and the like). 

These social interactions are mostly just "human contact"; and may be reassuring, or stimulating - but we are not relying upon the exact validity of what is being said or otherwise communicated. For instance, we do not expect exchanged remarks on the weather, or responses to "how are you?", to be of objective validity and relevance. 

In sum: We are not trying to learn from such interactions. We are mainly just maintaining a general awareness of living in human society. 

I think that much of the awareness that we need with respect to the world of Beings, including Spiritual Beings, is of the same kind. 

We should not (mostly not) be seeking to have deep and meaningful interactions; should not assume that everything we receive from such interactions is profound and valid teaching.

The main purpose should be to maintain a general awareness of eternally living in a society of living and conscious Beings; therefore a world of motivations and meanings - instead of (as is "officially" the case) temporarily inhabiting a dead, causally-determined and purposelessly-random reality. 

This seems like an essential basis for seeking more spiritually-significant interactions with particular personages from the wide world of Beings. 


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This is a good point. It makes me think of the interaction with a god described in the Bjork/Sugarcubes song "Deus" -- "He said hi, I said hi." Sometimes that's what is needed.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Bjork indeed - in an early era she might have been a "Fool for Christ".

Mia said...

The list of things I hate about most contemporary "chapter books for children" is so, so long, but this post made me realize that one major thing is the total lack of childhood immersion in the world of Beings. Everything is a materialist mystery to be unraveled, nothing contains the magic of a toy or a place that every or nearly every child experiences or wants to experience. Even when "magic" is part of the explanation or title of the series, it's just a shorter word for "human-based technology I don't want to explain."