Tuesday 12 December 2023

The strategic murder of The West - currently in a "death by a thousand cuts" phase

Compared with the birdemic-peck era, or the height of anti-Fire Nation Mania; at the time of writing there is no major policy thrust afoot driven by the demonic totalitarian Establishment. 

Of course this could change very rapidly, and I would not be surprised if it does! Yet at present the murder of Western Culture* proceeds by a thousand cuts rather than by the swinging blows of  suicidal lockdowns or self-destroying "sanctions". 

*(Which culture, let's face it, richly deserves to be murdered - and ASAP - for its multiple engrained, accelerating, and un-repented value-inversions -- albeit that the death-justifying inversions were suggested and implemented by "those same people" who are now killing what they originally created.)

Instead of a single Big Message; official pronouncements and the media have been chock-full of micro-issues and multiple, incoherent, lies/ cover-ups/ misrepresentations and fake disputes and scandals. It is currently more a matter of dividing and pitting-against; rather than with crushing monolithic surveillance-control. 

Except at the level of individual persons (and, I suspect, very few of them) it is clear that nothing true and important is being learned as the West implodes; to the point that the crust of delusional optimism is still surprisingly intact. 

People still talk about "sensible reforms" to social systems, as if there was any motivation for them, or any possibility whatsoever of them happening. 

People still talk about choices between politicians as if they were on different sides;and still hope to be rescued (from an imaginary crisis) by some leader or party. 

People still focus exclusively on feeling good about themselves, and trying to impress others by their compassion and concern; and still act as if there was a realistic expectation of having a successful 20th century style professional career and a rewarding personal life in a nation that is being incrementally picked apart; and stirred into chaos, violence, poverty, oppression and disease. 

People - including religious professionals - still regard the spiritual as irrelevant, airy-fairy, idiotic nonsense; and the only "real life" as the bureaucratic/ managerial/ financial/ social imperatives of short-term institutional subsistence.   

The spectacle of such colossal triviality and endemic dishonesty and blinkered utilitarianism; is astonishing and horrifying. 

Whether we end with a bang or a whimper... With a massive and fatal hemorrhage, or slumping into unconsciousness from the seepage of hundreds of small wounds, seems not to matter...

Since there seems not be even the slightest grasp of why we are ending; and the extent to which we in the West have done, and continue to do, all this to ourselves

The answer is, of course, to step-back from all this (as far as possible); and live in a world of eternal significance; as befits eternal Beings participating in an eternal Quest. 

It's as simple, and as extremely difficult, as that. 

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