Tuesday 26 December 2023

Above the nested agendas of human and group self-interest, there is the Sorathic agenda of destruction

From where I see things, it seems very clear that the powers of Sorathic evil have the whip-hand in globalist policy already and increasingly; and in nothing is this clearer than  the fact that their "friends" - those nations, entities (and persons) whom "They" support, are subject to escalating destruction. 

Thus the nation over whom The Fire Nation and NATO are at war; have been massively and monolithically supported by the Global Establishment - and that nation has been destroyed. 

In the ongoing Arrakis conflict, the CHOAM nation that is unconditionally-supported by the International Totalitarians, is in practice (surely this is obvious?) being set-up for complete annihilation. 

And the main base of operations for world-wide and multi-national evil - namely the USA - is itself being actively destroyed in a multi-pronged strategy of escalating an unwinnable world war, destruction by colossal cross-border invasion, and by the degradation then inversion of all major social institutions, encouragement of race war, and progressive elimination of sustainable native-population reproduction (social and biological). 

In other words - everywhere and always; the strategy is that nation gets pitted against nation, nations are subverted and encouraged/compelled to fight other nations, trade is inhibited/ prevented/ disrupted, socially harmful and anti-human policies are supported all-round and by many routes. 

It is facile but foolish to suppose that all this destruction can be explained by seeking to unmask self-interest; whether in terms of money or power; or by tracing the origins of evil to a particular nation or group. 

No nation is exempted from the plan of destruction, all groups are included - and the more a nation or group is supported by the Global Totalitarian Establishment*, then the more that nation-group is controlled - and the more-complete the annihilation that is planned for it.  

*Note - Whatever human beings may involved at this top-hierarchical level; the core strategy is demonic in origin - for demons the humans are disposable tools. Also; demons are immortal spirits - hence they are not-human, and indeed (for various reasons) anti-human. No matter how total the annihilation of the human world, demons will personally survive - and the lethal corruption of Men to demonic purposes is indeed their main source of pleasure, as well as energetic sustenance

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