Friday 1 December 2023

We live in the Age of Accusation - says commenter Epimetheus

An astute observation from Epimetheus deserves our further consideration: 


I've taken to thinking about our time as being the "Age of Accusation," to reference Satan as being a constant, relentless accuser, someone who loves nothing more than to bury you under the shame and guilt of the sins that Jesus would forgive. 

At this point, the main cultural product of the West is talking about other people's sins. 

There's almost nothing else being said - just infinite guilt-tripping and shaming and constant accusations. It's bizarre once you see it.


This is true; and, I would say, more deeply true here-and-now than elsewhere and in the past; because our godless and despiritualized civilization has no basis for purpose and motivation; hence we as individuals and members of institutions have no coherent positive values

To prevent our lack of coherent positive values from being noticed by our-selves and by others; our culture engages in a continuously sustained frenzy of accusatory thought, speech, and action. 

Underneath the accusation there is... nothing, nihil. Our attention and energies are utterly consumed by mutual accusation. 

Our inner nihilism is projected outwards to accuse everything around us: This is, indeed, the Age of Accusation. 

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Colin said...

As well as politics, we have a whole tv industry - talent programs, getting out of jungles etc - where the winner is determined by the audience - but the decision criteria are never discussed or mentioned. Each voter enacts their own largely oblivious criteria. It never made any sense to me.

This absurdness is more obvious in such worldly examples but I notice I am more than capable of points of view on more significant matters without being clear enough on their basis.